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GSX-R1000 Dyno Run!

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Yeehaw first

What a beast, new king has arrived.
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It matters because it's progress. Thanks to its power and weight advantages, the Gixxer will run the quarter-mile in 10.10 (my guess) and up the ante for everyone else.

No, it won't make a tangible difference to you or to anybody else because the differences among riders is vastly greater than the differences among bikes. A squid on a 600 whose butt you regularly kick on a twisty road will still get his butt kicked if he moves up to a GSXR1000. And vice-versa.

But add up those increments of progress over 15 years, and it sums to the difference between the '86 GSXR1100 and the new 1000--50hp, 70lbs, and .75sec in the quarter mile. Not to mention the vast improvements in brakes, tires, and handling.

If it makes you feel any better, the R1 had a good, long run at the top of the heap. Long, at least, in motorcycle years.
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Last year you didn't see any R1s sitting on the floor. They were all spoken for. The other day the dealers had two so if that was and still is the bike you want there easier to come by. Actually it's nice that you can afford the latest, hotest bikes of the season. Imagine trying to buy a new car that has all the latest tech stuff.

I'm still on the conservitive side and wonder if the blackbird or Hayabusa are to lean forward.

thats not a fair comparison. The GSXR is a street bike. The R7 is a $30,000 race track only bike in the US. It is not sold as a street model. It would be just as fair to say a WSBK factory prepped ZX-7R can whoop the out the GSXR. Oh ya think?

Haga's R7 is piutting out what, 180 rwhp or so??? It weighs what, 320 lbs????

Oh yeah, i guess haga's bike would be more like $500,000 huh?
It certainly sounds like you have an axe to grind, since you state you don't own any of their products.

I have a '98 Bandit 1200 which has been pretty extensively hotrodded; it has never given me a moment's trouble of any sort. I also own a '96 GSXR-1100... a little dated technology-wise but great fun to ride and also not a spot of grief, even after being flogged mercilessly by the hamfisted squid/mechanic wannabe who owned it before me.

Perhaps you can tell us about your experiences with your favorite brand, so we can assess the merits of your commentary a little more effectively.


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What exactly do you mean, born-again? And what does this have to do with motorcycles??
Brevity being the soul of wit.....

Jealousy breeds resentment.
To the dude who never got a speak&spell....

Yeah, man, sorta like a top-fuel nitro-methane dragster vs. your car, who would win?

Have you ever ridden, sat on, or looked at a race bike? Do you have any idea how far those bikes are from the ones you buy from the dealership? Why are you making a fool of yourself?
Who said we weren't opening our mouths?

I have been opening my mouth, and will continue to do so. I, however, did not spout off about how my bike was the baddest bike around. I bought a y2k model just to tide me over until this bike came out. Now I just have to find one.....
I love computers!!

Reliability is no excuse for lack of power. That's fine that you love your macintosh, but obviously you don't have much fun with it.

#1: There are no decent games written for the Mac (Half-life, Unreal Tourney, Rainbow Six.)

#2: Even if there were, the Mac has no decent video platform other than the Raedon, which is far from the best.

Long Live AMD!
Also it means young loons like you will be washing out the front ends of your R1's (isn't that what Fastbikes said?) when we GSXR1000 owners will be able to exploit our almost 20hp advantage through a stellar chassis and phenomenal brakes. The number of 3 that seems to be stuck in your simple and, most likely fenlander, brain is incorrect. Even your piped and jetted bike still falls about 8 ponies short. That is a lot. The difference stock is about the difference between a YZF-R6 and a GSXR 750. Think before you write. Also I would like to say hi to the sausage king of chicago, and point out the fine example of invalid arguement that he brought up. You were awesome in FBDO.
Actually, it's out in the real world that you WILL notice. The extra HP and torque is very noticeable, especially if, like me, you are 6'+ and over 220 lbs, and/or carry a passenger. I was riding with a buddy (about 150lbs) who had a 600F2. He raced his fairly often, and with different gearing and tweaks, managed low 11's. I went to the strip just for giggles, never having tried it before and, leaving the line like grandma (afraid of flipping backwards with all that traction), managed similar times, but with almost 10mpg higher trap speed. We went riding. We got on it. Guess what? I left him for dead, just twisting the grip, while he stirred the tranny like a madman, even though I weighed 70 lbs more, and my bike was slightly heavier. Why? I had a much longer period of high acceleration per gear than his short sharp peak. Whyzat? Big, flat torque peak, big flat HP peak, not a short, sharp spike. We switched bikes. Top gear roll-ons. He left me for dead, faster than I'd left him before. If you have 2 bikes with equal unladen acceleration, and one has more HP, if you add a heavier rider/load, acceleration won't be as affected because the power/weight ratio isn't changed as much.
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To all the kiddies out there upset about their particular bike being outdated in fell swoop:

Get over it! Competition is a GOOD thing, for EVERYBODY. If the original '86 GSXR-1100 hadn't broken conventional thinking about open-classers, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Someday somebody will build the better mousetrap, and those with the ego's will just have to buy the next greatest thing.

Oh, and about Suzuki reliability, I've got over 32,000 HARD miles on my '86, with no problems. Also, who has and does dominate endurance racing? Not reliable? Ask Team Valvoline Suzuki (Formerly Team Hammer). Enjoy what you ride, or buy the latest. Just stop schniveling about it....
Looks Like one hell of a bike!! It has been highly rated in all the leading magazines!! From what I have read about it, it seems as though it is going to be very wheelie happy!! Careful guys!!! Don't want to see a bunch of these LOOPED on the highways (as I really do expect to see)!!!! Ride safe!
Re: Yeehaw first

My Harley does make more torque. The inevitable down side is I weight too much and and look too darn good to compare to the likes of this bike.

Couldn't agree more. Enjoy what yo've got, unless braggin' rights are the most important thing in life to ya! Notice how long I've kept the old girl. I think after all this time, finally, the bike I've been waiting for. Almost bought an R1 myself, but thought I'd wait a little longer and see if Suzuki was going to make me wanna "show them the money". Well they have (finally), and I will. Keep the shiny side up.
You're missing the point. The skinny little squid will be wringing the neck of his little 600, and jumping all over the shifter, while I'll be just twisting the loud handle, and grinning from ear to ear. Much easier. There's a lot of wide open space out west where you can open it up. Out there, there's no replacement for displacement. We on't even mention the adverse affects a passenger and/or an 11,000 elevation (Vail pass) have on them little 600's. I'm not buying for bench racing, or racing in the twisties, it's all about effortless speed, and not having to wind it to redline to get speed out of it. Get it now?
Re: 1986 With 32,000

Bend over, time for your spanking. The bike sat in storage for over 4 years when I moved from Ca to Ohio. And with all the rain, snow, and parental commitments, plus the fact that I live less than 10 miles from work, I haven't gotten the chance to put the miles on recently. I've got well over 100,000 miles on bikes since '83. You?

P.S. And by the way, chokin' the chicken is more entertaining than conversing with you anyway. Excuse me, but I have to go clean myself up now......
Re: 1986 With 32,000

My 99 has more miles than your 83!!

I've been riding since 97 and have ridden 70,000+ miles. Damn unreliable Harleys???

I live in South Dakota, don't tell me about having to put the bikes up for winter.

Keep riding Mr. Opinion
Re: 1986 With 32,000

1) '86

2) Lotta miles for only 4 years ridin', keep up the good work, kid.

3) Do you get the lake effect we get? Hope not.

4) I will, you too.
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