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GSX-R1000 Dyno Run!

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Yeehaw first

What a beast, new king has arrived.
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white shirt...sweater vest...devastatingly handsome...
Are proddy lap times usually faster than 600cc supersport?
The difference between the R6 and GSXR 750 is so much that there's not even .10 of a sec. different around a track in stock trim... you go fast and win races in corners not straights.
Re: Yeehaw first

Since torque is directly related to horsepower, there is no way that your Harley can have more torque than the GSXR1000. Sorry - simple law of physics.
This is the practical commuter bike I've been looking for! I knew Suzuki would pull through.
Re: I love computers!!

Just one more person that never used a Mac - AND has a lot to say about them. I use Macs AND PCs and the Mac is a far more stable and easy to use platform. Macusers use their machines more and work on them less. 'Macintosh for productivity, Linux for development, Windows for Solitaire.'

As far as the noise being made over a few horsepower, most riders can't use more than about half the capabilities of these machines. I've kept up with some of the mid-nineties versions of these same bikes you guys are arguing about through the twisties on a K1100LT BMW. Somebody that knows how to ride while riding a 5 year old bike can embarass a squid on a newer, more powerful bike. And this can be done without passing, just stay right on their butt no matter what they do

The squids that are going to ragdoll into a ditch are easily picked out of these letters by their ignorance. Some people think it's evolution, I think it's ignorance.
If you really cared about your passenger, you'd buy a bike with a usable pillon instead of EITHER the R-1 or the GSX-R. Unless you think it's really funny to have your friend/significant other fall off the back...
Dude, get real. I took my Shadow 600 (35 hp, baby) over the top of the Medicine Bow mountains (12,600 feet) with 40 lbs of luggage and it handled just fine. But somehow a 90 or 110 hp machine is insufficient? You really need 145 hp? How did anyone EVER get over the mountains before 2001?
The GSX-R1000 is a streetbike ONLY in the loosest sense of the word. Comfortable? No. Practical? No. Super-duper-effing fast acceleration above 100mph? Yes. That doesn't spell streetbike in my vocabulary.

A REAL streetbike is something like a Nighthawk, ZR-7, SV650, or R1100R. Any of those can still go fast enough to get your license revoked with a single ticket--the street is in the real world, remember?
First, if the Donner party had 145 hp, they would have killed themselves because they rode a GSX-R through a snowy forest with no roads.

Second, the power loss on my bike was slight. I normally live at 6000 ft, and most of my riding is from 6000ft-9000ft (I love Colorado!). Even at 12,000, I could easily go as fast as the rainy, freezing, almost-snowing conditions would make me want to go.

And if you choose a unique, less-travelled path through the mountains, you'll never come across more than one motor-home at a time. And even with 35 hp, I could still get up enough speed to safely pass them.

Starving Student
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I hate to tell you but you still payed 200 too much I paid 9995 but you did get the right color at least.
That is unreal! Don't be stupid and respect the bike and you will be fine. But we all know that some fu*khead that has never riden a bike is going to get one and kill himself. And that looks bad on the sport of sportriding.
Guess what guys and girls?

A little birdy tells me that the boys at Motorcyclist will still be picking the Honda 929 as they have finished the testing between them all.

Apparently the suspension is soft and the Honda is the quicker turning machine.

I do not trust this machine at all !!!!!!!!!!!!! How long before she blows ??????

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Nothing personal, but at 12,600 ft, I'm sure your 35 hp shadow was crawling far slower than it normally does. I would guess you were making only about 20 hp at that altitude. Those of us that buy open class machines do so because we don't like to crawl. Btw, I lived in boulder from '75 to '80, and so am familiar with the hp drain that comes with altitude. The best thing aboput this newer GSXR is that with fuel injection compensating for altitude, it won't be stumbling like my old '83 GS1100 (jetted for SoCal's low desert) at that altitude.
Re: GSX-R1000 Dyno Run! AHHH--BUGGER IT!!!

I have an '86 1100 I bought new also. Call me sentimental, but it's gonna be hard gettin' rid of the old girl, ain't it?
Re: Yeehaw first

Torque and horse power are not related, proportionally or otherwise.

My HD makes far less horse power 70. Although it doesn't make a lot more torque it does make more 80ftLbs. I can scan the dyno run if you don't believe me. Just send me a mail and I'll do it for you. (Yes you are that special)

3K red line, I love it :) LMAO close, but when I get my diesel HD maybe. :)
Why thanks, guys....

I couldn't have said it better myself.
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