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GSX-R1000 Dyno Run!

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Yeehaw first

What a beast, new king has arrived.
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GSXR 1000 Camper?

As it was, they ate themselves anyway.

I'm sure most people aren't buying the GSXR1000 to hang bags on it and drive over the mountains. They buy it to go fast. Maybe you've never ridden an open-class bike, and maybe you have and you're jealous. Whatever the case, your logic leaves something to be desired.
Well, I'm not *really* upset---

I love having my less-than-one-year-old R1 outdated in one fell swoop. This means that I have even better things to look forward to when I get rid of it. I'm already pondering the possiblility of a GSXR, although I'm sure I won't find one anymore. Maybe I'll wait unitl next year.
Re: GSXR 1000 Camper?

I _have_ ridden an open bike, and no, I didn't think it was that fun. It's not my cup of tea. If it is yours, more power to you (literally). But I still strongly disagree with the person who asserted that you need the big Gixxer's power to get over mountains. The only bikes I saw on the trip over the continental divide were my Shadow 600, my father's W650, a pack of Yamaha cruisers, a pack of Honda Honda cruisers, and a few Harleys. Two guys were even taking knuckleheads over the mountains. But where were all the superbikes? I must have missed them, they were going so fast.

You're right. Openbikes are about going fast, not taking scenic (rational speed) journeys through mountain canyons. And that's why I don't buy one.

"Maybe you've never ridden an open-class bike, and maybe you have and you're jealous. Whatever the case, your logic leaves something to be desired." Wow. Getting defensive there, Abe?
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You got your physics degree from one of those Sally Struthers "get your degree at home" infomercials didn't you.
It's not the sheer numbers that make this an impressive bike. It's how it's all put together as a package. I partially agree with you, I own a '93 FZR1000 w/mild engine and Chassis mods. I run into alot of squids w/ R1's who think they're the Sh*t because of what they ride. They think twice after I pass them because they tried being Mr. Pro, running it in too deep and screwing up their apex approach. For these idiots, the newest and best bike won't help, they still won't be able to ride! But, in capable hands, the newest and best would be pure bliss. I want one!
Read it again...this time for context. The word I used is reliability, not reality. You know, as in reliable. Do you actually read any of this stuff before you post ? That was what the first poster questioned..the RELIABILITY of suzuki products. geez !! I'm glad you always use the bedroom for sex with your original. You must be quite the thrill monger...can't read and no imagination...Bless
Re: Little bird

YEAH,the little bird,heh-heh,grow up,heh-heh,SUZUKI roolz!! seriously,SUZUKI is the most over the top manufacterer out there.
Re: I love computers!!

If I wanted to read about computers I would have logged on to a computer site(you're getting way off the topic at hand). It sounds to me like you're admitting that you can't handle the extra power that's being put out by todays bikes. Hey I own an older machine too('93 FZR1000). You don't hear me whining: 'Who needs all that power anyway'? The simple fact here is that the bike does not make the rider, everybody already knows this, why are you still whining about it? Point at hand; If you can keep up with a guy on an R1 or CBR929 with a K1100LT, They Suck! There is a reason BMW is not in SuperBike competition(wrong niche).
Coolest? You gotta be kiddin' me!

Suzukis certainly are *something*, but "coolest" is not what they are. Three of my four bikes have been Suzukis; both bikes I now own are Suzukis. In my experience, they are relatively robust, strong performing, cost effective bikes.

They are also even uglier than Fords, if that's possible, and about 50 percent of their parts are made from compressed cheese. Suzuki's "stylists" (I use the term broadly) should probably be dragged out back and shot before they can cause any more harm to human aesthetics. Or at least returned to Ford. I suppose it's worth noting that the latest GSXRs are not up to the high standard of ghastliness usually upheld by their predecessors. But those decals! Ecch!

I have no particular affinity for the stylings of their direct competitors, either, but at least the other guys lean towards boring instead of putrid.

They even sound dreadful. With all my Suzukis, I had to get used to the idea that they just sounded like that and there was really nothing wrong.

I guess that they qualify as cool in a Mopar-musclecar sort of way-- crappily made, well-beaten with the ugly stick, raucous and fast.

Since you seem to think that GSXRs are coolest, I have to venture a guess that you wear a cap with the bill turned towards the back and that you own no shoes that would ever require polishing.
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I'm glad you and your spouse are happy with a CBR. I'm glad that your command of the English language is so good (e.g. realiblity, undoubtly, a count) try undoubtedly, account and reliability. Try spellcheck sometime. Try talking to a dealer that sells Yamaha's and ask them about recalls so that I don't have to educate you. Heard about the 929rr recall yet for the gas lines ? It's a Honda so I would assume you would. I don't know about magazines out the ass since it seems your head is shoved so far up there that nothing else could fit. I'm glad you think Suzuki sucks so that way you won't be buying one (as if) and that leaves me the chance to get another one. Nuff said ? Read some of the other posts' in here and you'll actually see what people are saying and that should get your attention off of ragging on me for posting a comment about reliability problems on Suzuki's. Besides, you must be sleeping when you read them anyway due to the fact that you misquoted me twice. Now go away little boy because if I needed anymore out of you I could squeeze your head for it.
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Re: have you ever seen a Buell X1's dyno chart?
Re: you

I get 80FtLbs with HD slip on mufflers, K&N filter (HD kit) and Dynojet kit(also in HD's product list).

Why does the Merch motor makes so much power? It is a 120" motor. It is the same engine HD designed in the 80's Merch used the best parts they could find, and flowed the heads. Same HD design.

I would like to find out more about the 4000fpm piston speed data you talk about. It makes sence, I just want to know more about it.

I found info about how related HP and Torqe are at:

It reads:

You can easily convert torque to horsepower by multiplying torque by RPMs / 5252.

You guys are so smart!

I was wrong, they are related.
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Re: Yeehaw first

Um, there is actually. I'm not saying it DOES, but a Kenworth might put out 600 ft/lbs at 800 rpm and make about 60hp. That sounds a bit like a Harley...
Sheesh, only 32000 hard miles, on an 86?? That figures out to around 2000 miles a year. Where you at, the midwest?? Got tired of working on my 86 gsxr 750, sold it, picked up an F3, have 30000 hard miles on the F3 now. Runs fine, and is LESS maintenance than the Gsxr.. As for the R1's being fast, yes they are, but it's funny how I'd consistantly PASS them at Fasttrack, on the front straight, corners, etc. Must be the superior hp of my F3. :) I'd say a majority of the guys that get the things can't ride them. Heck, I know one guy here that is the wheelie king, but can't toss it into a turn worth a damn.
Bingo! It's not the bike, it's the rider. I'll stick with my F3 (maybe upgrade to an F4), and keep my lower laptimes. I laugh when I see guys that can't ride upgrade the horsepower at 10K a shot to still get railed on by someone on an EX500 who can ride. :) For some reason, in thier minds, big horsepower means fast rider. They'll continually upgrade and think they're fast. When they should get on a SLOW bike and learn to keep corner speed up. Then they will be fast on the big bikes. As it stands, they just get in the way at track days up at willow. :) God I hate those guys, fast down the straights and putt putt putt in the twisty parts. Then they get insulted when you tell them not to invest in the pipe, but learn to ride first. :)
The poor thing spent 5 years in a storage shed, then another 5 out here in cold Cleveburg, where there's a short riding season. Plus having a wife and 2 young kids kinda puts a damper on the amount of time I have to ride. Maintenance? The only thing I've ever had to do beside oil was a set of brushes, and a new clutch when my buddy burned it up doing a burnout.
Re: I don

Thats what I was trying to state! by god, I think he someone got it! though I would up the range you are speaking on the rpms. Mine is about 2500 to 7000.
Great looking bike. I might have to start going to the nearest blood bank. This bike may not make me the next Kenny Roberts, but it will sure be nice to have one. Life is short, so you need to spoil yourself whenever you can.

I got too much riding to do to get into a pissing contest with some of these "Individuals".

Ahhhhh... California weather... This is some good ! (cough, cough...) ;-)
Fair enough

Not a bad case you make for these brand S beasts, after all. I don't race, don't understand why anyone else would go to the trouble and expense, and take it for given that some folks have a higher threshold of excitement than I do (and must go to lengths to feed their cravings.)

But it's easy to see why a GSXR would make a sound pick for a low-budget blunt instrument type race bike.

And when it comes down to it, I think that the most visually appealing GSXRs are the '86 models: the bluntest instruments of all. Those ones have a quasi-military purposeful gracelessness to them that I'd guess is the heart of your "ugly-but-serious" ethos.

You done give me a new outlook on them old dogs, Bubba.
Re: I challenge all YE DISCO SQUIDS

"don't delude yourself into thinking it makes you something special, it merely confirms that they are crap. If you want to outrun riders of my standard you'll need expert knowledge of the road or track, a top modern sportbike and the ability to use it.

As for your FZR400 challenge, it proves your inexperience of riding larger sports bikes to the limit. Obviously a light, unintimidating 400 is a lot easier to ride around a twisty short circuit than a heavier more powerful bike, that is why they make ideal learner bikes and that is exactly why you use it for circuit riding."

Is this the same discohead I was debating with in the previous posts? For one....I never said I was anything special, but just a regular man out to have a good time. As for picking an FZR400 for use on the track, its competitive racing. How many dudes do you see on the track riding big bore bikes to the limit? I dont see it anywhere, I regularly enter my bike in Junior expert 600 supersport classes and give them a good run on my "lightly" modified 400. Why did I pick the 400....because its an old bike and theres as huge aftermarket for it.....and its cheap competitive racing. Im sorry I dont have the unlimited financial resources like you to buy the latest and greatest thats available. Thats where the competitive racing is wont find that in any of the heavyweight 750 SS, superbike or unlimited class. And yeah I am learning everytime I get on any bike on any day....I learn something everyday and thats what riding is for me. Unless youre riding with the reckless abandon you do on public roads as you do on the track, pushing the front tire with your spinning rear balancing the bike on your knee slider as you do this and you can leave me behind.....then you must be pretty good. ANyone can leave black marks exiting the turns in the mountains....anyone.

"On identical bikes you may or may not beat me, I don't know and neither do you, but you definitely wouldn't beat me on either a FZR1000 or FZR400"

it takes a big man to say this line....never say never. The bikes are dated, but not that dated... and yes they are much harder to ride than any modern machine, but I don't go into the gym religiously to look like a musclehead or a disco boy poser. You obviously know my answer and thats to stay in shape to ride. It takes alot of muscle and endurance to keep it in line consistantly lap after lap, for hours upon hours. Unlike alotta other people I wont and complain, "let go out again" is what I say. Anyway enough of this crap.....gotta go shovel out the driveway and bust out the bike. Perhaps I know you or even ridden with you....who knows....
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