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Guns, crocodiles and Harleys

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Is this the beginning of a trend? If so is it a gun trend, a crocodile trend or a Harley rider trend? Very deep, minime.
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This story just illustrates the fact that water can be very dangerous. It's time we passed a law restricting the use of water to people who are responsible enough to use it wisely. The way things are now, just ANYBODY can turn on the water and unlease a torrent of wet death on their unsuspecting neighbors. Umm, oh yeah, motorcycles are cool!
See what $12 a year can get you, outstanding news like this. ;)
Where the heck is Sockholm?

I know where my sock drawer is.

I know where the wind sock is.

I know when someone socks me.

But I don't know where Sockholm is...

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Re: Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide!

Learn more about this insideous chemicla compound at
Wrong answer, "touche" was the required answer. :cool:
Does this guy have a heart or what....

Guess he won't have to worry about his Crocodile getting dehydrated. I bet he had a rude awakening!!!

Is this the case of the Green Peace biker???

We need back-ground checks for these "Water Users"!!! How long are we going to tolerate this plague on society?!?! ACT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!
Well the article as posted doesn't mention guns anywhere. In Sweden an illegal weapon can be just about anything that the government doesn't like. Bows, big knives, sticks, etc., etc.

Socialist governments like Sweden, Britain, etc. are deathly afraid of citizens who might have the ability and willingness to fight back from the creeping slavery that always accompanies socialism. Hence totalitarian socialists, like US Democrats, are scared to death of armed citizens. They are afraid that these cictizens may learn the socialist's true objectives (total slavery for all except the elite) and do the right thing.
It is in SwEEden, of course

Why do you ask?
Totalitarian Democrats?

Us closet liberals are offended. We might just have to pass a regulation to moderate your hurtful language.


Your comment means that John Ashcroft must be a Democrat. Bet he is surprised when he finds out!
Re: Totalitarian Democrats?

Aha! I said nothing to defend the pubbies either. Both sides of the same totalitarian coin.

Neither would bat an eyelash at taking our right to ride if it suited them politically.
Re: Totalitarian Democrats?

If I am not careful, I might start agreeing with you. Then where would we be. A third party, maybe? Perhaps the asphalt party. Nah, make it the twisty, empty asphalt party. Give the lemmings public transportation.

How did we get started on this?
If we don't ban water use the terrorists win!
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