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H-D 2006 Dyna Transmission Recall

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Oh a flase neutral! Heavens no! How will we ever shift again?!?!

Guess these folks never rode a DKW....
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A "flase" neutral? Curse those fat fingers!

Apparently, the lamp illuminates even when the tranny is not in Neutral.

God forbid anyone launches their bike because the little light told them things were okey-dokey.

They could've made it out to be an added feature: A "Suicide Shift Light," for instance.
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Does the tranny go into and out of neutral properly or is the indicator light faulty?
Yes, I hate idiot lights so bad I get all discomboobulated even thinking about them.

Why not have a shift indicator the size of a pie-pate mounted on the handlebars with a sweep second hand informing the rider what gear he's in, what gear is next and what gear he should be in? Maybe mount some idiot lights in it somewhere.

Now wait just a cotton-pickin' minute here. We've already seen any number of pates on or near the handlebars of HD's - sometimes with beanies perched just north of the pie-holes on said pates!

Oh, you meant pie plates. What a smashing idea. But let's specify chrome. And the three analog present, next, and correct gear indicators should be pendulum and chain driven to help attain economies of fuel consumption.

How about including a drag indicator, too? Shifting gears is a whole lot easier when the feet are off the ground and at least somewhere close to the floorboards/pegs.

These ideas could truely enhance the HD experience as they are but natural adjuncts to the potato-potato principle.

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Yes PIE PLATE. Havin' probrems with the letter "L" today.

Maybe a potato peeler?
Maybe they should install a Dynaflow? Get it? Dynaflow?


Who can see the nuetral lights in bright daylight anyhow?
I've got an extra neutral between 5th and 6th that I could lend HD.
Hahaha! Sarnali eats poop! Hahaha!

Get a roll of duct tape, sarnali.
Back when I still had the FXRT I would get a false neutral when I would upshift from 3rd to 4th, (5 speed) usually under hard acceleration. It was a common and well known problem that HD has never addressed, recalled, or blamed the rider. The 6 speed is supposed to shift much better. The aftermarket 6 speed trans gear sets that are avalable are like a 5 speed with an extra gear not a total redesign like the factory 6 speed. I hope it isn't a total nightmare for the owners like the Yamaha Road-star 2 gear at the same time recall a couple of years ago.
Yer' Mama, spunk-munch I got an '05

my 5 speed works just fine
If mscruddy's Byool ran for more than a few minutes at a time he could get it out of neutral.
Please consult your health care provider about a Rx change.

No major life changes W/O Pych approval.
I thought HD's never had problems.. :)
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