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Just let me know when the trailer gymkhana is!
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You don't have a prayer

I got a mega-chrome rig with candy orange flames, 73 day-glo skulls, air suspension, PM wheels with 360-section buns and some leather fringe for good measure.

Of course, I'll be trailering my trailer.
Next thing ya know you will be bringing up Ed Kennedy again.
Only if I dump my trailer into a river and leave the chick I was doing for dead.
As long as you forget that it happened for several hours and THEN report it.

You might want to check her finger nails first...
Yep Democrat scandals are always about something the common man (Fox viewer) can relate to, sex. Long after Clinton and Kennedy are dead you will hear about Chapiqui**** and Monica.

Republican scandals though more devasting to the Republic are more complicated (money, power, influence) and thus get less play time with the GPTB, NASCAR dads, ******** and bigots (Fox viewersin general)...Every GPTB and NASCAR buddy i know doesn't control his own finances his wife does. No suprise GPTBs can't understand deficits and the like. Most can't tell you what Watergate was about.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you have to get "permission" to go to "Freddie's school?"

Oh that's right you haven't gone yet.
Sportbikebandit -

Why in the world do you go off spouting crap again? Do you like it when people verbally whip your tail?

Not only that but for an "open-minded" person you sure throw out the stereotypes.

Motorcycles – I know very little about and that is why I subscribe to this site - to learn.

Politics – you know very little about and maybe you should follow my dear departed fathers’ advice – which I think I gave you before but – you did not take it.

"It is far better to be silent and thought a fool – than to open you mouth and prove it!"

I am sure my father got it from someone else – but it has served me well.

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KP could keep his mouth shut until the next millenium and we'd still think he's a fool.
Dad got if from a wise man

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said that first. Poor Richard's Almanac if memory serves.

The original version went something like this:

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

(I'm not sure if that's verbatim, but it's fairly close.)

KP removed all doubt a long time ago.
Re: Something to think about boys

I've got a job for Anya.
Re: Something to think about boys

Editing your new feminist magazine, perhaps?
Re: Something to think about boys

A 25 year old female with a college degree - and she can not find a job – BULL HOCKEY!

" Kamenetz writes. "No health insurance, no retirement plan, no paid vacation. Unaffordable housing. Moving back in with Mom. Turning 30 with negative savings and no assets. Putting off marriage or kids because they can't afford them."

Insurance, retirement plan and vacation are benefits to employees - not guaranteed!

Housing is affordable – depends on where you live and "what you want"

Moving back with mom is a choice

Negative savings is a choice

Putting off marriage and kids is a choice

No one is entitled to anything – get off your backside and work hard and eventually you will make it to your goals – THAT IS THE AMERICAN DREAM – not getting everything handed to you on a silver platter.

I do not know why I respond to this but sometimes "open-minded" "liberal" people like you just chap my rear.
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Re: Something to think about boys

Stand up and speak the truth brother, speak the truth!!! Seriously, You are dead on!!! Once I was old enough to work, very little was handed to me. To many folks out there thinging everyone owes them something!!!!! To that I refer back to your statement "No one is entitled to anything – get off your backside and work hard" All the effort they spend complaining could be used for something constructive.
Re: Something to think about boys

Bull hockey yourself.

Earnings for the top 1% of earners have skyrocketed and earnings for the rest have stagnated or declined relative to inflation over the past 30 years. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the trends (offshoring, sweatshops, automation), notice the shift in who is getting the wealth, and to come to the conclusion that something is rotten.

People forget their history. The middle class is less than 500 years old. It isn't a guaranteed thing at all. For most of human history, the wealthy have done their level best to more or less enslave the bulk of the population so that they could ride easy on top of everyone else's labour. That situation, more or less, existed for thousands of years of human history and the power and wealth had to literally be ripped out of the hands of the nobility at the end of a gun or at the blade of a guillotine. The French, Russion and American revolutions were all wars of the underpriviledged against tyrants trying to assert the rights of the common man.

The revolutionaries in the US were pretty visionary. They saw how precarious their situation was and constructed a system of checks and balances so that tyrants would have a harder time taking back their power. Too bad that a few hundred years later, the wealthy have more or less 'bought' the political process and are using the illusion of democracy to essentially decimate the middle class all over again.

This author is just one of the many canaries in the coal mine. You can bark that good jobs still exist for the people willing to work ... or you can see that the percentage of those jobs is getting smaller every year. Your choice.
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Re: Something to think about boys

Well, that's odd, I'm right in that 25-30 range. I've never had a problem finding a job.

I have been laid off before and found a job of higher pay with more benefits in less than 96 hours. In the tech industry. During the Dot Com Bust.

My pay has always increased and has never decreased.

I've been married and divorced.

I own a large chunk of land.

I've relocated from the south to the West and now I'm in the Northeast.

I have zero credit card debt.

I come from an average middle class family and nothing has ever been handed to me. I paid my way and haven’t needed, expected or thought I deserved help.

This writer sounds like all of those slow moving sad sacks I've worked with in the past. Always b!itching that they have it tough but don't do a damn thing to improve the situation. Always thinking that they should be paid more, but are the first out the door at the end of the day. They over spend, under work and sit on their collective @sses.

This story has been around in different variations in every decade. I read about this in the 90s and the 80s. If it isn't India taking jobs, it's China, no wait it's Mexico, no, It's Japan.

You can create excuses and blame others as to why you aren’t successful or make your own path to success.

You don’t have good jobs handed to you. You have to earn them. You have to take the crappy jobs first. The jobs that pay very little with long hours and no time off. You have no experience at first. No proven track record. So I have no sympathy for her or those who think like her.

There are opportunities and untapped markets out there. All it takes is some god [email protected] work…which seems to frighten more and more people.
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Re: Something to think about boys

If you don't like it do something about it.

That young lady could have a job tomorrow if she wanted it.

the rich are getting richer - no question about it - economics

the poloticians are corupt because we do not do anything about it. the govt of the USofA is still the best available to the world - and you have a voice - a vote - and the ability to run for office yourself -

Don't like it CHANGE IT!

your choice
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It because a democrat thinks with his ****
Really Riley? I'm a fiscal conservative McCain Republican

"here are some numbers. The History News Network at George Mason University has just polled historians informally on the Bush record. Four hundred and fifteen, about a third of those contacted, answered -- maybe they were all crazed liberals -- making the project as unofficial as it was interesting. These were the results: 338 said they believed Bush was failing, while 77 said he was succeeding. Fifty said they thought he was the worst president ever. Worse than Buchanan.

This is what those historians said -- and it should be noted that some of the criticism about deficit spending and misuse of the military came from self-identified conservatives -- about the Bush record:

# He has taken the country into an unwinnable war and alienated friend and foe alike in the process;

# He is bankrupting the country with a combination of aggressive military spending and reduced taxation of the rich;

# He has deliberately and dangerously attacked separation of church and state;

# He has repeatedly "misled," to use a kind word, the American people on affairs domestic and foreign;

# He has proved to be incompetent in affairs domestic (New Orleans) and foreign (Iraq and the battle against al-Qaida);

# He has sacrificed American employment (including the toleration of pension and benefit elimination) to increase overall productivity;

# He is ignorantly hostile to science and technological progress;

# He has tolerated or ignored one of the republic's oldest problems, corporate cheating in supplying the military in wartime. "


click to read more of the sad truth
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