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H-D Finishes 1-2-3 at Springfield.

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We can hook it up anytime. Let me know when you make it out.
So that's how you do it.

Since the exit ramps are always right handed turns I was wondering where you guys praticed left hand turns. Now I know you did the Midwest oval dirt track thing.... ;)
So it's more like a 1 make series then. Why bother? I'd rather watch washing machines racing.
Which begs the question: Why don't they try a Buell at this here flat track thing? Certainly they have the advantage in power-to-weight.
Prolly cause 750 cc is all you need. Harley can make a 1000cc bike, but getting power to the ground is more than just horsepower. It's power delivery, chassis, and tires all working together to get that drive off the corners. It's one of the few forms of racing that you can't win by throwing more money and horsepower at the bike.
I think they're using Buells in the single cylinder class.

Plus, for marketing purposes, the Buell is a "streetfighter."
Just checked the schedule. Yikes, there used to be 3 races in NY. Guess that's partly my fault for not going in years. I'll have to correct that next year and make plans to go to the Syracuse Mile.
Sorry, but it's not THAT impressive. SInce the AMA legislated the HOnda RV750s out of the field, AMA Class C Flattrack has been pretty much a Harley-only party, so of COURSE HD's are gonna finnish 1-2-3...

I can't think of a time in the last 20 years when HD's WEREN'T dominating the top 5
Maybe you need to keep up on the rules. 1000cc twins are now legal, so anyone can run any twin up to 1000cc with no restrictions. If Honda wanted to bring back their fantastic RV750, they are free to do so. My guess is they would get their ass handed to them.
Dont know bout feeding him,but i always carry a few beers for my pit crew(usually just me).
An XR 750 won a flat track race! Stop the presses! Haven't they been doing that for 25 year or so?
Honda can´t produce a competitive sport bike. They don´t have enough engineering talent.

- cruiz-euro

other tracks around LA

I raced at Carrell speedway half mile flat track in 1951 & 52 - the clay track surface was used at Ascot after the 110 freeway was built through Carrell. I also ran Riverside Box Springs TT and Anza Riverside TT as well as Lincoln Park 1/4 mile and Culver City 1/4 mile. There used to be a lot of tracks around LA. A point-to-point hare & hound was run through Monterey Park around 1949 or 50 - it was about 50 miles and only crossed two streets (Atlantic and Garfield Blvds). Also, Monterey Park sponsored a TT race around that time and Ed Kretz won. Lincoln Park was used for speedway racing after WW II until about '51 and I saw some guys like Manuel Trujillo there when I was a teen ager. I believe the Milne brothers and Lammy Lamereaux may have put in an appearance, but I don't remember seeing them. We also ran Scrambles at Lincoln Park, Rolling Hills, and Tarzana. I don't think those days are coming back any time soon.
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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