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H2o,146hp, finally!

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new Buell 1125R superbike

a totally new engine and chassis, designed and built in house by Buell

72 degree liquid cooled v-twin, 146 hp, 84 ft lbs
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You bet

Well, the wheelbase increased by 2.5 inches.

OK, so it looks like they built a "proper" engine. I am sure the sales will now sky rocket. Any day now.

Sarcasm aside, I love new models being introduced. Always get a kick out of it.
All those loudmouths are going to sell their Yamkawsuzonda CBZXKZYZs and bbuy Buells now like they said they would.
This a an awesome time to be a motorcyclist! Anything seems possible... There may have been a comparable time in the sport, but I suspect you'd have to go back a long time to find it.
You're right, man. We are reduced to complaining about the most nit-picky shyt. All those people who were whining about the air-cooled Buells would have given their right nut to have one 20 years ago. There's never been a better selection of reliable and well performing machines in all categories.
Don't hold your breath.

Actually, the question I was asking was how many of the detractors who said that Buell needed a "proper" engine (that stupid term again) are going to actually buy one? You know, the ones who said, "Oh yes, I'd love to buy an American sportbike." My guess is next to none. Especially since even though the bike hasn't been ridden by anyone outside of the factory yet, they are already complaining that it is "down on power" compared to the Big4 cookie cutteurs. Any excuse to continue to whine that the Buell is not a "real" sportbike will be resorted to by the usual suspects.
You got it.

Interesting. I guess we'll see how many people that have been asking for this bike actually buy one. For some, I guess the horsepower and torque figures are all they need, but there is lots more to know about this bike than that. I hope it does well, but I bet they don't sell any better than the current model.
Just get some popcorn and sit back. Virtually none of those who said how much they wanted to see Buell build a "proper" engine will sell their cookie cutteur. At least, not until they see what the mob at the Burger Barn think.
He's not buying one either.
Could somebody explain to me how it is that this piece of fresh, important news, posted today, could wind up the fifteenth-from-the-top thread in the "Buell News" sub-forum after fourteen older threads, under the "Old News" (!!!) sub-forum under the "Motorcycle News" sub-forum under "Motorcycle.Com General Discussion"?

Then could someone explain to me why the forum designer has not been slowly and painfully executed?

This forum design sucks so hard that it bends light.
Apparently the threads get listed in order of the latest post rather than in the date order of the original thread. It would be better if the threads were kept in date order like the old site. The new system makes it harder to find the particular thread you want since they move around all the time. The administrator is the guy to take it up with.
You're right. I was referring to the regular forum page not the individual manufacturer link. As I said make your concerns known to the administrators. They are willing to listen and make changes. They have a special place for people like you.
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