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H2o,146hp, finally!

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new Buell 1125R superbike

a totally new engine and chassis, designed and built in house by Buell

72 degree liquid cooled v-twin, 146 hp, 84 ft lbs
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Well, the wheelbase increased by 2.5 inches.

OK, so it looks like they built a "proper" engine. I am sure the sales will now sky rocket. Any day now.

Sarcasm aside, I love new models being introduced. Always get a kick out of it.
-It's also a claimed 20lbs lighter than the previous 1200cc models. 375lbs vs. 395lbs.
Saw the blurb at "Daily" a few minutes ago. Just EXACTLY what a bunch of us have been saying for a loooong time as to what Buell needed to move to the next level. And EXACTLY what an equally large number of fellow MOrons have been saying that Buell did NOT need to move to the next level.

To those on the other side: ya might wanna read MCN's long term Uly summary - just got my issue Sat. Yes, this is EXACTLY what Buell needs.

I'm so glad I waited. Yes I am.
Actually, that isn't how that argument went. The group saying that Buell didn't need a "proper" engine was implying that it wouldn't effect sales greatly enough. Implying that the sportbike posers that buy on stats alone will never rush to buy a Buell, but will stick with their "Gixxer, dude!"

Fact is, at a claimed 146 horses which will probably translate to somewhere in the mid 130's, that is still "down on power" when compared to the rest of the competition as Honda, which is the lowest of the big four, charted at 147.3.

Than there was the argument from me that you would have to be retarded not to believe that Buell will never come out with a new motor.

Another interesting item is that the sportster engine will probably remain for quite some time unless Buell finds a way to shorten the wheelbase on the 1125R as it has increased by about 2.5" and has two huge radiator fins on each side.
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Excellent point maladg
Funny how the side that said Buell didn't need a proper engine are already backtracking... This will sell like hotcakes.. The price is right. 2 year warranty. It looks great and I bet will handle well. Nope this is clear victory for us folks who said this is what Buell needed. This puts Buell into the big leagues. No more nonsense about Harley tradition etc. People who buy Buells are into the different look the neat technology, the V-Twin sound and performance. Buell can stand proud today.. Erik you did it congratulations for this bold and important step... This will outsell all other Buells put together.
No, the argument has always been that a new engine will not increase sales drastically enough. If this thing charts in at the mid 130's people will still claim it is down on power and "that's why I didn't buy one".

The argument was that Buell should not try to compete with the big four as it is not a money making venture.
Today, 2:50 PM ? I just posted at 7:51 AM Pacific!
That's because you never set up your user options. Click on the User CP link above, click on Edit Options, scroll alllllll the way down and change your time zone to where ever your compound is currently located.
And we've got at least two other threads in different sections talking about the same bike.
I moved them into the same location but left both threads active. I didn't want to merge them...primarily because I wasn't sure what would happen if I did. I'll try to merge them later just incase it screws something up.
I wonder when the street fighters will come out.

On a different note: Why are there 2 threads on the same bike in the same forum?
Fine. I'll merge the damn thing. but if it screws up the threads it's all on you mister!
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