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H2o,146hp, finally!

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new Buell 1125R superbike

a totally new engine and chassis, designed and built in house by Buell

72 degree liquid cooled v-twin, 146 hp, 84 ft lbs
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I am in love.. Finally.. Oh Boy .... Love it Love it.:-D
I got a note that that MCN was going to be the exclusive premier site for a new bike on Monday. I didn't expect Buell and now a leak.. I couldn't find anything on the Buell or MCNs site.. Hope it's not a hoax
the bike looks real enough and different than the average Firebolt. Now with the Ducati backed increase in displacement a done deal in WSBK and I am sure AMA will follow.. Buell will have a great chance in racing.. I hope it won't be $15,000 though.. Christmas in July :)
Monday is the day read this...
"At 9am Monday morning we'll bring you the world's first video and pictures of the most exciting sports bike we've seen since the Ducati 1098. Sadly we can't say what it is yet as we're under a strict legal agreement to bring it to you on Monday morning, but rest assured we'll bring you first look at the most exciting V-twin motorcycle of the year.Read More :D
He's not the only one.. ;)
Funny just got a note back from a online site editor who told me I was dreaming. Good thing Edwards took me seriously and snagged the pictures shortly after I sent him the site.. Good find tomk..
Thanks I'll send that link to the skeptical editor
I agree about the styling..not as clean as the current Firebolt. But still looks interesting.. Need more pictures i.e side views and different colors ..
Yep Saw a new yellow 1098 at the gas pump some young stud with young girl on the back with a helmet flip flops, halter top, and shorts :rolleyes: .. But hey the bike sure looked and sounded great. He had full leathers on..:confused:
Congratulations maladg for being riight, Congratulations to Erik Buelll

Excellent point maladg
Funny how the side that said Buell didn't need a proper engine are already backtracking... This will sell like hotcakes.. The price is right. 2 year warranty. It looks great and I bet will handle well. Nope this is clear victory for us folks who said this is what Buell needed. This puts Buell into the big leagues. No more nonsense about Harley tradition etc. People who buy Buells are into the different look the neat technology, the V-Twin sound and performance. Buell can stand proud today.. Erik you did it congratulations for this bold and important step... This will outsell all other Buells put together.
I'll take that bet

Great point.. I think I want to take longride up on that bet...The price on this bike is right...MSRP: $11,995. Great rev range, 2 year warranty, like you said torque is everything..
The V-Twin has risen from the dead..

MSRP: $11,995. Great rev range, 2 year warranty, torque is everything..neat technology..
I'm ready :)
Buell nees to move quick to....

I was just thinking the same thing.. Don't think this new bike will help sales of the old dinosaurs...They have to move quick with a new street fighter with this engine.. Perhaps another one with a smaller cheaper version. 800 cc or something.
Going to Laguna Seca? ---Buell VIP Party at US MotoGP
Go to Buell and sign up for email notification on the new bike and you will receive an RSVP invitation.
:lol: That's very clever.. Glad you are back..
It's a home run.

Speaking from no experience with the old Firebolt only Burger Barn knowledge*, the new wider rev range, 6 speed tranny, increased useful power i.e wide flat torque curve, slipper clutch, will I think move Buell into the big leagues. I tested a Cyclone a long time ago on the street. I was impressed with the torque but it was hard to gauge it on the "test route". Even though I have made a hobby of criticizing V-Twins.. Seeing them in action in the hands of good rider has changed my novice mind. My next bike will probably be a twin.. Cause like many have said..for real world riding they are very good at it.

* Reading lots of reviews in the print mags and online. i.e. no real experience...
Maybe MO needs more staff or let moderators post news items on the front page.. Longride used to do it on the old site..Iamz, you are correct most of the motorcycle web sites had it on page one.. All of the general (non racing) sites that aren't backed by a magazine had it as page one except for MO..
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