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Hailwoods do Daytona

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Damn, wish I could be there.

For anyone with any interest in older motorcycles, attending an AHRMA race is great fun. The atmosphere is much more laid back and fun than an AMA race, but the top racers are every bit as competitive.

I am p!ssed that they couldn't work out the schedule for the west coast rounds this year. The Sears Point event was always one of my favorite race events.

The great bikes in the pits are worth the price of admission, even without the racing!
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What else can be said about Mike Hailwood? He was probably the most talented motorcycle rider/racer ever. I can't name another rider that could come out of retirement at the age of 48 to beat the best riders of the day. It would be like Kenny Roberts returning to GP racing and winning a championship in 2003.
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