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Half of Memorial Weekend Deaths In Ohio Were Motorcyclists

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Do we really need more "Motorcycles are dangerous" articles posted?

We get it, you can die riding a motorcycle.

Especially since they are submitted from the same person over and over again.

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No, YOU are in denial, because you refuse to acknlowledge that WE KNOW MOTORCYCLES ARE F***ING DANGEROUS.

Your "positive action" is as meaningful and effective as rock concerts against global warming.
kpaul has convinced me - I'm junking my bike and lobbying my congressmen to ban these murdercycles. I'm sorry, but helmet laws just don't go far enough when you add up all those economic and social costs of motorcycle crashes that kpaul has helpfully pointed out in previous threads.
Re: Thanks AMA for being stupid, because of that more people are dead

Great point.. I was hoping longride would bite on the fire fighting thing..
Riding tips for wuzzies..

I love to ride. But I try to reduce my risk of injury by.

1. Wearing the proper gear. Pants, Jack, Gloves, Boots, and full-face helmet.

2. Getting the proper training. Probably time for a MSF refresher course... I could do a story on it. kpaul does advanced rider training.

3. Riding the proper motorcycle i.e. not a cruiser.

4. Keeping my motorcycle in good running condition.

5. Reading more about safety and riding tips. My favorite tips are in in this series...

6. Keep in good physical shape by getting exercise, eating right, good sex and enough sleep.
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KPAUL: "Here's another article about how dangerous motorcycles are and how necessary it is to make people wear helmets because motorcycles are so dangerous."

McSCUDDY: "I lost the use of my legs in a motorcycle accident, but I had 35 good years and wouldn't change a thing."

Kinda says it all.
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Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

1) You still are at massively greater risk of death and injury than if you drove a car.

2) We are fully aware of the availability and efficacy of safety gear.

3) Like you, I choose to use this stuff. Yay us. Unlike you, I will not force others to do so, because it's none of my goddamn business, just like it's nobody's goddamn business if you and I choose to ride these dangerous motorcycles.

4) Your #3 is just plain stupid, and your #6 is contradicted by your man-boobs and apparent inability to satisfy a woman for long.

5) Shut up already. WE KNOW.
And Cuddy was wearing a helmet.

As do, what, about 90% of the posters on here.

I didn't know the extent of mscuddy's injuries until now. Damn.. sorry to hear that...
Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

Hey, if keeping the motorcycle in good running condition is so important, then how come Floppy Tits has killed his battery twice?
Re: Thanks AMA for being stupid, because of that more people are dead

I still check this site daily but seldom respond to anything anymore. After several promises to leave or at least shut up, knut is getting hard to tolerate. I was hoping the new folks would dig this out of the rut it is in and cause knuts to mellow out a little bit.
Doesn't that figure. It's only been discussed a dozen times in the last few months.

You're so busy stroking your own ego with your NPD that you failed to understand that a fellow MOFO was terribly injured.

Just when I think my opinion of you can't go any lower you exceed my expectations.
Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

Luckily, his bike has the ability to go for rides while it's in the shop.
This stupid post is richly deserving of an unprovoked off-topic comment, so:

Quote of the year, from Shaquille O'Neal - "Sam is an idiot. I-D-O-U-T, idiot."
He was too busy manufacturing his own "crisis", which I stupidly gave him a "Sorry to hear about that" for. So it's doubly offensive.
Yeah, I can't believe you did that.

You either need to cut back on the drink or double your current drinking capacity.

Kind of furthers the Socko is several different people theory.
Hey contrary to what you think Buzhole I don't read every post or every thread on this thing. Frack off..I feel really bad for him...
How about the new management bans sock puppets…

Can we get that done?

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