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Half of Memorial Weekend Deaths In Ohio Were Motorcyclists

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Do we really need more "Motorcycles are dangerous" articles posted?

We get it, you can die riding a motorcycle.

Especially since they are submitted from the same person over and over again.

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Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

ha ha
posts and hits go down 70% when I'm gone..
Re: Thanks AMA for being stupid, because of that more people are dead

OK for you kdead I'll stay off for a week starting now. No posts nothing you guys win...
Sell Your Cars! More Than Half of Memorial Weekend Deaths In Ohio Were In Cars!!!

That could have easily been the headline.

The number of motorcycle deaths in one state on one weekend is certainly not statistically significant enough to constitute any kind of a trend when we're talkingbabout a handful of deaths. One tick in either direction changes a everything.

And didn't more people die last year, even though it was a lower percentage of total deaths? Is that somehow "better?"

I love the way they say "nearly half" 40% would have been far less effective.

How is this crap even taken seriously?
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Re: Sell Your Cars! 60% of Memorial Weekend Deaths In Ohio Were In Cars!!!

I obviously can't type today.

Notice I came up with an even better headline for article. That should scare the dumbfcks more completely.
There always is some knuckle head that needs to tell me about someone he knows that was killed on a bike, and that is why they dont ride one...If this idiot knew someone that was killed in a car, would he quit driving a car???

I believe 3/4 of all bike acidents are CAUSED BY CARS!, so that means 7/8 of all the acidents in Ohio during that period were caused guessed it...CARS

Outlaw them I say!
"I still check this site daily but seldom respond to anything anymore. After several promises to leave or at least shut up, knut is getting hard to tolerate. "

Looks like they'd go steadily up if you STAY away. Along with paid subscriptions.
About not reading every post? I believe him. Like you said, he's "so busy stroking [his] own ego" that he probably only reads the replies to his own comments.
Good point! I'll have to remember that one.
But the amount of quality content in the posts stays about the same...

Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

Why in the name of God do you keep harping on the cruiser thing? We get don't like cruisers! We don't care if you think they are unsafe. Some people like them, hence some people ride them. Judging by what I see when I'm out on the road, alot of people must like them, because alot of people ride them.

Why can't you get it through your head that not everyone bases their purchases on your priorities? Why don't you get it that almost everyone on this forum actually does wear a helmet whenever they ride?

I'm just at a loss as to why you keep repeating the same tired arguments over and over again. I try to understand it, but reason fails me...
Facts from 2005:

685,000 people die from heart failure

550,000 people die from cancer

90,000 die in hospitals from infections they received while in the hospital

39,000 die in automobiles

4,800 die crossing the street

4,500 died on motorcycles with 6,458,094 bikes registered in the US

What's amazing to me is the media, soccer mom's and other anti bike lovers don't seem to ever want to comment on the crap we feed our kids, which ultimately leads to the excessive number of heart & cancer related deaths. The anti's don't say anything about crossing the street either. But boy when it comes to motorcycles, you would think those numbers have somehow been reversed. We all die at some point and if I have a choice it's going to be on the back of a bike or between the legs of a pretty woman. Either way, I'm going with a smile on my face!
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Hear, hear! That's the spirit!
Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

I sat out the travelling on Memorial Day weekend in Mesa with the Arizona branch of my family. I didn't feel that tangling with the drunks and prices of gas and motels was worth it, and even though it was a coincidence that made me able to do it I'm glad.

I made it to Santa Monica today. I ran a combo of SR 279 (I think) and SR 18 through Big Bear to San Bernadino rather than the leg of Rt 66 from Barstow to San Bernadino via Cajon. What a great decision that turned out to be. Amazing roads here in California.

Now I have to figure out how to get home, hah! I won't be going to Portland because I have placement tests...may route through S.F. - Sacramento - Utah - Colorado. Anyone have any advice?

This has been one hell of a the way, The ZX-14 is rock soild at 158MPH on the GPS with tank, tail, and saddle bags. Still pulling when I said "Ok, that's fast enough." when 170 was indicated. Not too much speedo error there at all...indicated 55 is 53 on the GPS. Stupid, maybe, but it was the Texas Panhandle...anyone who has been there will understand how bored I was.

By the way, that was all fiction. Creative writing class. Yeah. That's it.

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Lots of national parks in Utah. Hit em all on the way through. Can't pick a bad road in Colorado. Just get ready for the long drone home after you hit eastern Colorado. Lots ot see out there, just not enough time.
Hey, Foxy,

AirHawk was worried about you since he hadn't heard from you. Enjoy the ride, you lucky bastard.

P.S. I sat out Memorial Day weekend, too. It was a madhouse.
Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

You haven't been around here too long, have you?

It starts to make sense after a while.

Wait, no it doesn't. It makes no fcking sense whatsoever.




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