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Half of Memorial Weekend Deaths In Ohio Were Motorcyclists

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Do we really need more "Motorcycles are dangerous" articles posted?

We get it, you can die riding a motorcycle.

Especially since they are submitted from the same person over and over again.

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Re: Thanks AMA for being stupid, because of that more people are dead

Hit Zion and Bryce Parks in Utah. Then head down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. From there you can scoot across the northern part of Arizona to Kayenta and then head north through Monument Valley. Keep going north and you go through Moab where you can pick up Canyonlands (Island in the Sky), Dead Horse Point and Arches. Keep going north and pick up Hwy 6 straight north through Price, Ut. A few miles after Price catch hwy 191 to Duschesne, Ut. There you can head east on HWY 40 which is a b1tchin ride all the way across the rest of the Utah and Colorado rockies to Denver.

That's the way I would go.

So, those are all straight roads, right? I mean, being in Utah and all. Boring scenery too, I'll bet.
Hit the sand dunes in southern Utah! Take the ZX off roading you crazy bastard!

I expect lots of pictures and a f*cked up story to be posted as soon as you get back to Chicago.

Excellent Advice

Finally something I agree with you on. Yep you are right take 40 all the way to Denver..
Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

"Non motorcyclists made up nearly half of MO's most stupid off topic post list" in the latest study of who's a dumba$$.
Let me know if you are going SF to Sacramento, I'll buy you a whatever.

Send me some mail.
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Damm, I'm staying on this side of the street from now on.
Automobile sales rise, so do Ohio deaths

Over half of the fatal accidents in Ohio over Memorial Day weekend happened in automobiles.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whether it's rising gas prices, a desire to relive one's youth, or the social aspect of SUV's, retail sales of automobiles continue to climb, but with a hefty price.

Motorists made up over half of Ohioans killed in motor-vehicle accidents over the 2007 Memorial Day weekend, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Of the 14 people who died on Ohio roads during the 2006 Memorial Day weekend, nine were in automobiles.

Ohio is among the top seven states in the U.S. with the most auto drivers, said Billy-Bob Buckeye of the American Cager Association. The Automobile Industry Council estimated Ohio had nearly 4,000,000 motorists in 2003.

"That's a statistically significant number of riders," and it increases the chances of fatalities, Buckey said.

His recommendation? "Reduce your risk."

"The first thing I would tell someone is to get training before you buy that SUV," Buckeye said. "Second, I'd say get properly licensed ... and the third thing, and the most important, is to drive unimpaired. No alcohol, no drugs, nothing that would keep you from being on top of your game."

Youths aren't the only novice auto-enthusiasts, he said.

"We're seeing a lot of re-entry drivers — a large influx of people over 40 or 45 driving stupidly again," he said. Many adult drivers gave up their musclecars when they were raising families but are now back in them.

According to the Automotive Industry Council's estimates, sales of four-wheelers rose for the 14th year straight in 2006 with about 51.1 million new-unit sales for all brands. Ohio ranked sixth in the nation in retail sales last year.
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Yeah, socko's a multi-player game.
So, is that an admission of being a sock-puppet?

Is that some twisted justification-logic for forcing the entire MO community to endure your fcuking idiotic bullshyte?

Seriously, I swear to fcuking CHRIST that if I find-out that MO really HAS been jacking-off its entire readership, I will fcuking stop at NOTHING to........

Oh, ***** off.

Seriously, I'm agitated now. *****. Off.
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Re: more people are dead

Incredible. I commuted 75 miles on the Suzuki, then hopped on the Triumph and did a 100 mile round trip to Seattle to Ali Baba's on Capitol Hill to have dinner with my old lady. You did a 50 mile ride, I did 175 today just screwing around.........

Buy a Roadcrafter and you won't have to worry about your suit
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