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Half of Memorial Weekend Deaths In Ohio Were Motorcyclists

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Do we really need more "Motorcycles are dangerous" articles posted?

We get it, you can die riding a motorcycle.

Especially since they are submitted from the same person over and over again.

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Re: Riding tips for wuzzies..

Yo, my bike's chain needs a lube KPaul, please help.
Good times! Next time submit it as a story instead of a post about the usual.
Glad to see you're "alive" (not that I had any doubts, but you got all quiet).

Hope you're havin' a blast - would've been cool to ride with you further.

My Life sucks.

I need to win a $350M lotto 'R somethin'........
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"As we used to say in the firefighting business, danger never takes a day off."

I wonder who 'we' is? The idiot that made this statement was never in the 'firefighting business'. I was in it, I don't remember ever saying that stupid line, nor do I remember anyone else ever saying it. Maybe the KWalterMittys of this world watch too many made-for-TV movies about real firefighters like me.
When I got a life insurance policy taken out the premium took into account:

ride a bike 24-7

fly my glider regularly

seldom drink


but the biggest factor to influence my premium and hence a measure statistical chance of dying was whether I smoked or not.... lets put a balanced perspective on things shall we...
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Going up central Oregon through Bend then over to Idaho, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and up that way might be an alternative. Lots of sage brush and tumbleweeds but it's kinda cool.
Probably in Backdraft or Rescue 911
Mine was for High Risk Occupation.. I guess they think I'm going to fall out of my chair or something
Re: Extra, Extra Read All About It!

I love it!
"As we used to say in the firefighting business, danger never takes a day off."

Maybe "Danger" was his name around the fire house.
What is this "desire to relive one's youth" $hit? If I hear that one more time, well I guess I hear it one more time. Can't we just choose to truly live our current age without being cited for acting some other age? And mid-life crisis? I prefer mid-life clarity.
Thanks again. Sorry about the lack of mail, Santa Monica was the first I could find public internet access. Hooray for the middle of nowhere!

Anyways, things are going as well as can be, aside from the ZX's propensity to eat tires. Grr.

KPaul "Danger" Kook.

Has an Idiot-stick-like ring to it..........

We'll be out of pocket ourselves this weekend - goin' to Virginia for the East Coast Hawk Rally (ECHR).

And tires - Price of Admission to be an Apex Predator on the Moto-Foodchain........

~130 is the fastest I've gone on a Moto, an' them telephone poles really "zzzzzzsh" by at that speed, I tell ya.

More bikes means more accidents. Simple statistics. All this shows is that Ohio DOES need to focus not just on rider education, but also on driver awareness.
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