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Hang Up and Drive!

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Tony Long sounds like an idiot to me. His riding skills are lacking, but he blames the 'death trap' he rides. He apparently learned nothing from his previous "mishap."
Agree, but his point is valid. Cell phones should not be allowed to be used by drivers of moving vehicles, period. We had jammers back in Baghdad. I should have smuggled one home.
Yes, I agree that cell phones are an issue. In most states a DVD screen in the dash/front seating area is illegal. How did the GPS folks lobby around that one! ANOTHER SOURCE OF DISTRACTION!
Re: Found one!

Cool! I'll take one of them, a radar detector, one of them gadgets that changes the traffic lights to green and a larger alternator. The company I ordered the stealth field generator from still haven't delivered.
I agree about the cell phones. I just hate to think somebody might think that dipstick is representative of motorcyclists.
Re: Found one!

The traffic light trigger is a felony in some places now I think. Minnesota maybe.
A few months back I had the misfortune to visit a Biker Boyz style hop-up shop and saw a DVD player mounted in the tank cover of a sportbike. Although it was unique for a motorcycle, I think it was for parked entertainment unlike the units found in cars. The DVD players in cars are becoming more and more widespread and will continue to proliferate as prices fall. Will they lead to increased driver distraction? I think so.
I saw one of those at a bike show about 2 years ago. The guy making them was giving up his job to make them at $5K each. I can't imagine ever wanting something like that.

Then again, I can't imagine needing to answer my cell phone so badly that I can't take the time to pull over.
I concur ofreen. Tony, if you were able to stop short of Ms. Cellphone without hitting her with you on top of your downed bike, then you easily should have been able to stop with rubber side down/you in the seat provided of course that your brakes and tires were in good order. If they are, you might try actually learning how to brake. BTW, I can't agree more on your accessment of cell phone toting car drivers...maddening!
Everybody rants about cell phone use... that's just one possible distraction for a driver. Eating a hot burrito and have it drop steaming cheese in your lap, spilling your coffee, working on your hair, looking through the mail, trying to find the cigarette that dropped on the floor, or the ink pen, or running the laptop with GPS because you were too cheap to buy a car navigation system.... all of those are just as distracting. Good drivers know their first responsibility is to be a safe driver and handle cell phones, eating, smoking, etc as an ancillary task. I am against making using a cell phone illegal because it is very situation (and driver) dependent. Let's face it - there are some people that should not drive at all.
I guess I get to be "dipstick" for the day. I just couldn't take all the whining and excuses.
Re: Found one!

I,m workin' on it dammit! Tesla won,t channel me!
I agree. There are so many things that people do in their cars that distract from driving that it is impossible (and completely ineffective) to legislate them all. It's unfair to punish everyone because a few people are incompetent. And the incompetent are going to cause trouble no matter how many laws we pass. This is why passing laws is so ineffective at handling these sort of problems. Most people don't need these laws and the ones who do don't obey them anyhow.

I have a novel idea. Maybe the people who cause wrecks should be held responsible for them! Regardless of the "reasons".
He needs to watch the road ahead of him so he doesn't rear end anyone again. He is a dipstick.

If you can't expect the unexpected you have no place on a motorcycle.
Re: Found one!

Minnesota has on the books the law that if you are on a motorcycle, and the light is red, if you come to a stop, you can proceed through the red light. You may still get a ticket (i.e., if it was unsafe to do so), but your maneuver is defensible in court. Here's the statute:


Sec. 42. Minnesota Statutes 2000, section 169.06, is amended by adding a subdivision to read: Subd. 9. [AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE RELATING TO UNCHANGING TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNAL.]

(a) A person operating a motorcycle who violates subdivision 4 by entering or crossing an intersection controlled by a traffic-control signal against a red light has an affirmative defense to that charge if the person establishes all of the following conditions:

(1) the motorcycle has been brought to a complete stop;

(2) the traffic-control signal continues to show a red light for an unreasonable time;

(3) the traffic-control signal is apparently malfunctioning or, if programmed or engineered to change to a green light only after detecting the approach of a motor vehicle, the signal has apparently failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle; and

(4) no motor vehicle or person is approaching on the street or highway to be crossed or entered or is so far away from the intersection that it does not constitute an immediate hazard.

(b) The affirmative defense in this subdivision applies only to a violation for entering or crossing an intersection controlled by a traffic-control signal against a red light and does not provide a defense to any other civil or criminal action.

In Minneapolis, the cops have real crime. I've gone through a red in front of them (safely, of course, and after stopping), and they're cool with it.
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I think cell phones are getting the brunt of the attention because, well, I see more people on cellphones as compared to eating or drinking when driving.

It may be an appearance/perception thing - whereas the food is usually only brought to the face for a bite, the cellphone remains there for the entire conversation (unless a handsfree is used).

Just think though: The person talking on a cellphone AND eating while driving is likely pissing off the other party as well as those around him LOL
Re: Hang Up Ya Moron

Wow!Is this like outside the car?You should get one of those jack in the box jack ball,and put that[or a larger one] on top of the speaker!
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