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Hank Hill Buys a Motorcycle

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Homer's Harley

I think one of my favorite Simpsons episodes is when Homer wins a Harley in a dance contest and starts his own gang called "Hell's Satans."

He gets in bar brawls at a place called "Poppa Wheelies."

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is it propane powered?
Re: Homer's Harley

I love the scene where they pull up to the light with Homer on the bike, Flanders on a bicycle, Karl on a scooter, and Lenny on a riding mower. Great scene!
And by the adverteasments for that show, Peggy his wife shows her tits !!!!!!
Re: Homer's Harley

And Moe had some old motorcycle like an H-D flathead or something like that.
Great show

Hard to believe it's the same guy that did Beavis & Butthead. I'm guessing Hank will be getting a H-D since he'd never buy anything Japanese! Gasp!

Any word on whether Luanne flashes too?!

Yayuh! That would rule! She's like . . . hot & stuff! Boioioioing!
Re: Homer's Harley

Then Homer and John Goodman voice end up dualing.. with full size motorcycles held by the back wheel like swords..

JohnGoodman character "We both knew it woud come to this..."
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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