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Happy Birthday Sean. Ahhh, to be 29 again...

Why don't you get youself a nice Super Motard shoot out, or open class dirt bike test as your present?

The gifts that keep on giving.

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Oh, ouch, aw...damn, I seem to be channelling an evil spirit from your past...

..happy brithday racerboy. im wishing you a spiecal brithday and me manno e manno at the track i will smoke u without every gioing past 7000 rpm becsause I just finished reeding 3 chaptres of Kieth Codes Flick of the Rist book. well my wife red it too me but that dosnt matter because i go to the gym alot wile you watch fox news. any way when i get done wiht you you will move to a red state to hid your shame of beeing smokd by the great motorcycle profit...after i go to Freddy Spcencer wife told me i could becase i am such a good provvider you now. You are officilly a member of the GPTB becase your so old. By a criuser. Hello to Longnazi, Buz, BMW4PLAY, Peebad, Sarnelly, Seruzwacko and the rest of the GPTB. You dont look like a young Micheal Douglas but your not bad for youre age...

(I know, that was really wrong, especially on your birthday. But look at it this way, something really good did happen this year.)

Happy Birthday, man. I really enjoy MO. Keep plugging away.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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