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Happy Independence Day!

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I'm not being facetious at all. There's clearly a need for a Palestinian state, and that's probably the only solution to the decades of violence and unrest in the region.
You've really got all levels of liberal hatred down Kenneth.

There must be a plaque or trophy or something for that.
If you could manage a coherent sentence or two that wasn't rhetorical nonsense, I'd love to read it. Here's an idea: instead of this crap, why don't you explain why you think a two-state solution isn't a good idea? Is that within your grasp?
Because the stated goal of radical Islam is the extermination of Israel.

Arafat was offered a two state solution by that radical Republican Bill Clinton. All he had to do was acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel.

He turned it down.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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