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Hard times? Not for Hardbikes.

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Another chopper company? All he needs to do is hire his son and argue with him all week... maybe it could be a show.

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It would almost be inspiring if they were making something other than choppers. I think a pet rock factory would do better in the long run.
Well, at least he didn't try to name the company "Indian Motocycle", so I suppose that gives him a bit of a head start. How about another name from the past?

Lessee, "Triumph" is in production and doing quite well, "Norton" is located in Oregon, "Enfield" is still running in India, "Excelsior" is best forgotten in Minnesota. How about BSA? Last I saw they were making cheap optical components in China which seems to me leaves the motorcycle business up for grabs.
What a novel idea! Whats next: pre-sliced bread?
Yes a new trend in the wanna-be chopper bike crowd.

A neighbor down the street never rode a motorcycle before, but went out and bought a rad jessie james style chopper, complete with loud pipes and ape hangers.

He was trying to use the "Fred Flintstone" braking method the last time I saw him on the bike.
It is funny watching some of these clowns trying to look all hard and badazz while wobbling around with their feet dragging at 30 mph.
It's certainly better to have them buy the "iron choppers" rather than have them purchase a sport bike and leave their body parts on the road after their first foray with REAL horsepower!

Hey! It'll build a whole new cottage industry for bad biker wear in the Pittsburg area.

Looks like they are just another assemb;er of catalog components.

Actually, I was thinking about trying to do that myself. I am retiring soon, and need soemthing to move on with.
I think I rather spend my money on a Suckerpunch Sally. One of the "old school" rigid bikes for running around town.

Uumm, nope, changed my mind, I'll spend the 17k on two bikes with rear shocks and three discs.
Bah, now THESE are choppers...

Well, a contest for...

The Dirtbag Challenge
Can you say a little late to the party? I knew you could. When the new chopper business craps out, hows bout investing in a publicly traded company selling flood insurance.
"Hardbikes"? And they build rigids? And they have a model named the "Hardrider"? This guy Kirila also founded a fitness equipment company and then sold it. Sounds like this guy likes to get pumped in the gym and likes the phallus. He prolly would be better off relocating the biz to San Franscisco.
I agree. I halfheartedly looked at their website, and sho' 'nuff, thar be a chopper there. As much as I like looking at those bikes, and even would love to try riding one, I keep wondering how much longer this will last and how many more chopper companies will continue to spring up.

Another chopper company.

I figured as much. *sigh*
I'm thinking of marketing a DOT approved helmet that looks like an on-backwards Oakland Raiders ballcap.

Or a class "how to throw the perfect sneer".

The washable tattoo deal has been covered already...
Re: Bah, now THESE are choppers...

Wow! A CR480 Chopper. Don't see those every day.
Is there any real question about this guy's intentions? Build up the company and sell it to some suckers who think the custom bike business is going to keep growing. Sounds like a plan to me.

Most custom bikes are about as custom as a pair of Banana Republic boxer shorts. Get out the parts book. Order the same junk that everyone is using and bolt it all together. Throw some skulls and flames on it and, voila, a $40,000 "custom" bike.

There's just no depth to this market. How many people can really afford them, anyway? Once the fad subsides, there are going to be a lot of used choppers up for sale (actually, there are already) at a huge loss to the owner and a lot of these outfits closing their doors.
The custom choppers are very shiny and they make alot of noise.Yes-I would spend forty thousand on one!
Hey now, that wasn't the direction I was going. OK maybe one sportster.
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