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Hard times? Not for Hardbikes.

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Another chopper company? All he needs to do is hire his son and argue with him all week... maybe it could be a show.

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Hardbikes? Custom Choppers? Posercycles! Here in south central Wisconsin, where Harley is god, you see alot of these guys. They look at me in my helmet and full gear on my K1200RS (soon to be a K1200S) and sneer. I'm no real biker. Real bikers don't need no helmets. They're the badass biker dudes. You can tell by the black leather and the do-rag.

Of course they ride 2000 painful miles a year, and I ride 20,000. Who's the real "biker"? I used to dread getting caught behind mini-vans. Now it's herds of posers on chromed up HD's and customs that hold me up on my favorite roads......

I keep hoping this fad will end.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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