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Harley 100th and Motorola

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OK Highwayman, where's your post describing how the beefy harley rider flings back the tassels from his armchaps as he hefts the robust chromed cellphone to his hairy ear while causing nearby atrociteaurs to cringe in awe.

I would like to hear the novel ring options especially the "potatoe potatoe" ring.
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What could be more frightening than a lawyer driving down the road on his Heritage Springer Special, longhaired wig flying in the breeze, fake tattoos festooning his arms, fringed armchaps, EZ Leaker(tm) and HD leathers, his $400 cellphone ringing to the tune of "Born to be Wild" as his stockbroker calls him up?

Maybe if he took his Heritage Springer Special off the trailer that his Lexus is pulling with his wife behind the wheel, that would be more frightening.

AT least the cellphone will get more mileage than most of the bikes owned by the geeks who would buy such a thing.

Truly the the Spirit of motorcycling, what?

There has to be a good Trailerman, er I mean Highwayman spoof in here somewhere.
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"potatoe" ? Either this is an inside joke or not only is Dan Quayle a moron, he's a MOron. Welcome to the list Mr. VP.
"Leader of the Pack" comes to mind.

Or how about Jan and Dean's old song "Schlock Rod".

That way most of these weekend warrior accountants ride maybe "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" would be better.
Harley-Davidson understands the need for family and friends to stay in touch while away from home, especially during our 100th Anniversary events........"We believe that consumers will find the authentically-styled V60i anniversary mobile phone a must-have, and a natural extension of their Harley-Davidson mobile lifestyle."......"Motorola is excited to create a product that incorporates Harley-Davidson's brand and enables us to help celebrate their 100th Anniversary in a unique and relevant way," ........PUUUUULLLEASE STOP !!! What a load of marketing CRAAAAAP. buying an overpriced piece of electronics manufactured overseas for a mere fraction of the MSRP ??? The only people celebrating are Motorola and HD, in fact they're probably rolling on the floor in all the dough they'll surely rake in. Money, money, money...that's what this is all about. Just another way to suck your hard earned dollars from your wallet, but frankly, if your into buying this kind of deserve to have your money sucked from your wallet. This is not a celebration. HD and Motorola are only concerned about making you concerned about keeping in touch with friends and family (warm fuzzy feeling here) so you'll buy this crap they peddle. It's really sickening that Corporate America capitalizes on any conceivable anniversary, milestone, event (tragic or otherwise) or incident to ponder heaps of worthless crap to the public under the guise of celebration, remembrance or some other sappy emotional ploy. THEY DON'T CARE, THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY !!!
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Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Both Motorola and Harley-Davidson have contributed greatly to the fields they represent. Motorola still makes some of the best cell phones available, especially if you want a durable phone and Harley-Davidson has helped ensure that motorcycling is a part of American culture as apple pie. So for all you absolutely spineless twits ranting on either of these fine American can kiss my American ass!
Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Oh, I don't know. I faced the NVA at one period in my life.

Maybe you should save the "spineless" comments, hero.
Nothing new here

Unfortunately, crap peddling is what makes the world go 'round. I like to think i have a little more sense than to buy this product, which really is nothing more than a regular Motorola phone with a harley badge and tassled case selling for a substantial premium.

What pisses me off is when no distinction is made as to the nature of the event. Crap peddling is an integral part of the Super Bowl. However, how many people bought US flags after 9-11? How many people still have them? Where are they? In the trash? On the side of the highway? I remember endless commercials for " American Patriot Flag packs" or something like that. Street peddlers are still to be found around the former WTC selling any worthless trinkets plastered with images of 9-11 or US flags. I realize people have to make a living, but I think stuff like this is downright disrespectful and insults our intelligence
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Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Nokia ring a bell! I worked for Motorola when Nokia was up and coming. We warned them about how user friendly their phones were but nooo! Check out declining market share data on Motorola.
Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Yes, this clever and highly-valued marketing tie-in is worthy of the highest praise and respect. It makes my patriotic loins quake with pride to see giant corporate institutions coming together to provide The American People (TM) with this type of innovation.
H-D cell phone? Now there's an idea that makes the beanie helmet make sense!

$399 list price? Who wouldn't pay that for a limited function but beautifully chrome finished American product?

All it needs is a fringed aftermarket holster...
Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Actually, Motorola (not to be confused with MOtorola) does make some chips in the know, the ones used in land mines to take the Cambodian kid's legs off. Now THAT'S as American as apple pie.
I'll bet the "Vibrate" mode on this phone is phenominal!!
You now must explain to my university why there is Coke all over their keyboard. That's some funny stuff.
Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

And I would bet one month's salary (of yours) that you can't find one piece of HD advertising that even says "made in America" anywhere.

Personally, I'm glad that you like European and Japanese bikes more than "American" ones, that just leaves more HD's for people who really like and appreciate them.
Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Yes but what is a "American" motorcycle? There are models of "Japanese" motorcycles that are little more than Harley copies but are made in the USA with a higher proportion of domestically produced parts than any Harley.

The "American" car manufacturers play this game too, but their cars are so loaded with foreign parts, assembled in Canada and Mexico that it is ridiculous to buy one based on "patriotism".

GM owns huge interest in Toyota. Ford controls Mazda. Harley buys its forks, shocks and carburetors in Japan. Everybody buys their electronics form Malaysia or the Phillippines, including Bosch.

It is impossible to consider any bikes or cars to be "American" any more. It is foolish to think one is supporting the US economy any more than any of a dozen other nations by "buying American" when it comes to transportation.
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Re: Outstanding American Institutions: Harley-Davidson and Motorola

Forget it seruzawa, I had a go 'round with this felleh because I said american made electric bikes leaked electrons. He threatened to have all true 'muricans kick my ass, bomb my house and probably shoot my dogs, victor charles was tame compared to this one.
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