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Harley 100th and Motorola

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OK Highwayman, where's your post describing how the beefy harley rider flings back the tassels from his armchaps as he hefts the robust chromed cellphone to his hairy ear while causing nearby atrociteaurs to cringe in awe.

I would like to hear the novel ring options especially the "potatoe potatoe" ring.
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I smell a product liability lawsuit coming

What happens when your tassled finger chaps get tangled with your tassled cell phone chaps as you reach for your tassled brake lever chaps to try and slow down for the ex-stripper flashing her tassled ass-less standard-issue chaps at H-D's 100th? I can only imagine the EMTs trying to cut their way through the tangle just to get to the carnage!
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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