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Harley-Davidson understands the need for family and friends to stay in touch while away from home, especially during our 100th Anniversary events........"We believe that consumers will find the authentically-styled V60i anniversary mobile phone a must-have, and a natural extension of their Harley-Davidson mobile lifestyle."......"Motorola is excited to create a product that incorporates Harley-Davidson's brand and enables us to help celebrate their 100th Anniversary in a unique and relevant way," ........PUUUUULLLEASE STOP !!! What a load of marketing CRAAAAAP. buying an overpriced piece of electronics manufactured overseas for a mere fraction of the MSRP ??? The only people celebrating are Motorola and HD, in fact they're probably rolling on the floor in all the dough they'll surely rake in. Money, money, money...that's what this is all about. Just another way to suck your hard earned dollars from your wallet, but frankly, if your into buying this kind of deserve to have your money sucked from your wallet. This is not a celebration. HD and Motorola are only concerned about making you concerned about keeping in touch with friends and family (warm fuzzy feeling here) so you'll buy this crap they peddle. It's really sickening that Corporate America capitalizes on any conceivable anniversary, milestone, event (tragic or otherwise) or incident to ponder heaps of worthless crap to the public under the guise of celebration, remembrance or some other sappy emotional ploy. THEY DON'T CARE, THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY !!!
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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