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Harley Class Action Suit

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Wonder what the highwayman will say to this...

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LOL But Real Harley men can handle a tank slapper with ease
I would imagine his prose would mention big hairy chested men sliding face first down our superior american made highways. VWW
He won't say a damn thing. At best we'll get another "you've heard the atrociteurs go on about this, that, and I don't know what all" post. The brainwashing of that guy is amazingly complete.

Maybe he'll just wait for his next chance to fetishize Harley boots... *shudder*

Wonder if he wears arm chaps when he types...

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Since when is a high-speed wobble the manufacturer's fault? I can see a problem if they oscillate at 60mph, but what speeds are these Harleys wobbling at? I don't think Willie G. and the gang intended a Wide Glide to go 100+mph, hell just look at the thing!

Any motorcycle that has a serious front to rear wheel misaligment as most Harleys do will tank slap. oviously you don't know what you are talking about, I suggest you do a little research.
It is about time that "The Company" get of its high horse and take care of business, this problem has been widely reported, and they have done nothing about it. Motorcycle Consumer News was in the process of fixing the wheel misaligment that causes tank slappers when the cam bearings failed!!! Talk about double whammy. Hey HIGHWAYMAN where the hell are you now. I bet your boots are shaking and you don't feel so "stout".

Harley Davidson has displayed an incredible amount of corporate arrogance in dealing with the faithful (stupid) up till now. I hope they pay dearly. As for the highwayman he is a moron and a coward!
Ha. Things like this will happen when over half of your customers are lawyers.

Where ya at T.H.M.? I'd be interested in some of your "unique" perspective on this one.
Thank you for the explanation. Obviously you are familiar with this issue. I suggest you look up the word "tact" in a dictionary.

He’ll wear his scars like a badge

Crashing – It’s something real American men are not afraid to do. When their Iron Horse seizes at full gallop, they take it like a man, and go down with honor. And when the other men in the posse ask "why did you crash?", a real biker says "I was just drunk" or "I was adjusting my sneaky leaker". Better to die than soil the good name of the Motor Company. He’ll wear his scars like a badge of honor. And he won’t question the engineering of his great American steed. The real man knows that through crashing, he can grow closer to his burly brothers down at the dealership while the righteous mechanics un-seize his Harley’s heart and the hearts of the other proud horses of his brethren.
Re: He'll wear his scars like a badge

LOL, Maybe your post will inspire the Highwayman to treat us with his inspirational prose. :) Yours was good though.
The issue is that if a motorcycle CAN go that fast, then it should be dynamically stable up to at least that speed. Stock Harleys will run close to 100, throw on some screamin' eagle bits and 110+ isn't out of the question.

I think the high-speed wobble thing was happening at around 90 mph, a speed that many people riding stock harley's across states like Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota commonly reach on their way to Sturgis.
I had to post this one! I know it would send KPaul and friends into a frenzy. Great news eh?
I can almost hear the giggles from here!

What a surprise, a bunch of trial lawyers trying to get rich off of a class action suit.

Wasn't there a recall back in 99 when the first twin-cam motors came out?

I've read the wheel misalignment thing is a problem at the dealer level not setting up the bikes correctly prior to delivery.

What do you know about this longride?
Well, when you place a middleaged overweight lawyer and his "babe" as far back as possible over the rear tire and couple that with a skinny 21" tire on the front you are asking for trouble at extra-legal speeds.

It's hard to feel sorry for these clowns, any more than one would for the clowns who try to corner their Expeditons like they do their bummers, resulting in rollover.

As far as the lawsuit goes, good job. Now the owners of other brands whose manufacturers refuse to solve serious problems, like the VFR alternators and the Bandit carburetors should consider class actions themselves.
The only result of this will be that LCH&B will pocket 99 mil leaving the affected parties to divvy up 1.98 amongst them. Secondly HD will be driven to bankruptcy an then LCH&B and their ilk will go after all the big dealers. If you doubt this ,look at the current status of ongoing asbestos "class action".
I bought one of the first TC-88 bikes. At about 1,500 miles, I elected to upgrade to a set of Andrews Twin 50 cams. I was assured by the dealer that replacing the cam bearings would not be necessary. However, I insisted that the cheesy INA bearings be replaced with Torrington bearings and bore the price myself. Guess What? The stock bearings were already starting to fail!! The dealer notified the factory, whose response was to ask that the bearings be sent to them for examination. I agreed and that was the end of it, no "thank you" no offer to defray the cost of the replacement or anything else.

Just one of the many reasons I now ride a Ducati.
Tank slappers don't affect .....THM.... because the only time his HD goes 90+ is in his dreams or on his trailer, tank slappers at true posing speed of 30~40 mph are rare, Anyway I thought the tank slapper thing was with handlebar mounted fairings like on the FLH series, IE; too much weight on the bars, I'd never heard about wheel mis-alignment, seems like a steering damper would solve it either way, Truth be told, a pud-slapper like ....THM..... doing a tank-slapper is kinda funny, ,,,, Manly arm fringes flying.... Manly boots flying off the pegs....eyes blazing with faith in his road side assistance warranty.....
Re: I can almost hear the giggles from here!

I know the bikes that aren't in alignment can be made so easily. Buz, just do a few measurements and you can tell real quick. Mine is perfect, and haven't had to adjust it at all. The procedure is in the workshop manual. If you need me to mail you what measurements to take let me know. If you notice, the engines aren't failing but they are being sued for "the potential" of failing and 100,000 is the number THEY say. Mfgs. get sued thousands of times a year for just about everything under the sun. Remember the Suzuki TL1000 tankslapper suit? Read some of the boards about Hayabusa starters busting cases and the subframes collapsing, ZX12's clutches grenading and electrical problems that have started fires, GoldWings overheating, Bandits blowing oil and on and on. You are reading the plaintiffs version and not the defense. This case was already dismissed once, and they had to appeal just to get it heard. Of course, everyone here is already the judge and jury, even though they don't know anything really about the case. Imagine someone accusing you of rape even though it's total BS. Lets just say 80% of the people have already convicted you, and when you do prove your innocence, they will say it's because of your lawyer. All you need these days, for the small minds here, is an accusation, the conviction is not necessary for guilt. All I can say is, if Harley wins, they are not necessarily right, and if they lose they are not necessarily wrong. If a woman can win millions for spilling coffee on herself and then blaming the coffee producer(McDonalds) anything can happen in this screwed up world. I do find it amusing that KPaul seems to be very happy, but claims to own stock in this company. Kinda like betting lots of cash on the Raiders and rooting for them to lose. Either he's lying or not mentally stable. Hopefully there will be a fire sale of Harleys, and I can add a couple more to my stable for cheap.
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