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Harley Crash Riding at the GAP

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"Dude, they're gonna beat our asses"
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Re: Classic

Apparently dentists and CPAs can get pretty pissed after a crash.
Thanks for the video and I'm tired of looking at Fred Rau.

No offense Fred.
a "fast group of Harley guys"? puh -LEEZE! more like, some dofus in a hurry wanteing to get past the van - or whatever the folks with the video camera were riding in - and the macho retard on the lead bike burns past, and then chickens out about leaning it over far enough to make the turn back into the lane in front of the camera vehicle.

they probably all blamed it on the "cage"

the guy in teh camera vehicle put it best:

"***** idiot".
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Re: Classic

Yes, that remark was just as funny as the crash itself.
"Dude, they're gonna' beat our asses>" But, "I'd have stopped in there had been a f----g place to pull over." Nice save. Atta' boy!
Uh, last time I checked wasn't there was a law against not stopping to render aid at an accident scene....
If there is such a law, I doubt it says everybody in the vicinity has to stop. There was plenty of help. Looks like they might have been driving an RV. Not much of a shoulder on that road.
A pretty good demonstration of target fixation.
the bright side...

he saved the bottom of his hardbags

squid in a parking lot on a 40k starter bike.


I'd love to know why a geezer glide is worth 40k.

I saw a girl on a sportster do a similar thing except she crossed a busy street and hit a curb.

Pull in the clutch!
That idiot didn't even try to make the turn.

I was out riding yesterday with a couple of friends and we had to pass a [email protected] motorhome on a similar road too. It's better to wait until you have a stretch of road where you can see the next frigging corner! And maybe a place where there isn't a freaking double yellow line!

It was fun to watch the two Ninjas getting impounded further on though.

I think it is safe to assume he paid a little more than MSRP ...


I can't see enough bling on that hog to make it worth 40K. Maybe it's worth 40K when he sits on it thus adding his "grill".
I like the "why would they do that?" comment. Doesn't she know, it's every bikers dream to drive directly off the edge of a cliff. There's only a few who actually have the balls though.

What a twit!
They didn't stop because they were obviously frightened that the HDers would kick their @sses. Oh well, that's what happens when you encourage the bad boy image.
I have watched the clip about ten times now. Where do you see ninjas being impounded?
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