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Harley-Davidson 4Q Profit Up 9.7 Pct

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Sales in Europe up 31.2% for the quarter.

Dang and here I was told that Euros weren't into the whole Americana Biker image. They just want practical standards and sportbikes.

Those Canadians are crazy for HOGS too!
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Harley finally got the war-like propaganda machine in full swing in Europe, the likes of which haven't been seen since J Goebbles and the crew ruled Nazi Germany, and now the evil corporate monster that is The Motor Compay will force all those that have resisted buying a Harley for all these years to purchase one. It's a plot to take over the world. Der Harley liebenstraum!
Next thing you know they'll be donating money to Euro orphanages the scoundrels!
I'm sure marketing there own line of beef jerky helped to promote higher sales in there bike line. lol.
If it did you can bet the Japanese would be flooding the market with Kobe beef jerky.
Well, it stands to reason. Since we are moving into a brave new world where motorcycles will have horsepower limits and a plethora of new safety regulations one may as well buy a motorcycle that doesn't depreciate like a Yugo. Since the Europeans are all so much smarter than Americans they are leading the way into the glorious fatality-free future through Sportster ownership. All those who are vitally concerned about the safety of motorcyclists must welcome this new wave of ownership of motorcycles of 60hp or less. Horsepwer limits are just another step towards Total SafetyTM. Horsepwoer limits are part of a Complete Safety Regualtory Package that includes mandated helmets, tiered licensing, mandatory training, mandatory full gear and frequent retesting and safety inspections.
No matter how overweight, underpowered and boring I think Harley Davidson motorcycles are... I gotta hand it to them, for the last 20-some odd years their management team (and the rank-and-file) have been relentless in improving the company.

The fit, finish and build quality on their bikes is excellent, they know what their customers want and they've done a good job of leveraging the brand and creating new revenue streams with all the accessory crap. I guarantee that all other bike manufacturers (except maybe Honda) are watching enviously and would dearly love to emulate their success.

I only wish they made bikes for people who weren't fat and old...

but then that's what Buell is for, isn't it?
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If their jerky is as good as their beer or whiskey I think I'll pass.
There is always a peak before a bust. Interesting how folks read what they want to from these things.. Some folks say hey look at the increase European and Canadian sales. A counter would be will 30% of 100 bikes is 30.. So they sold 130 bikes in Finland.. Woopie doo..

Now the weak dollar is going to help Harley internationally. But eventually demographics will hit there as well..

A more telling number to me is that domestic sales were only up 0.3 % in the last quarter. Also, the note that the heavy weight cruiser market is declining..

Also one would expect a more dramatic increase in sales given the number of new models HD put out... rather because of the new bigger engine. But that didn't happen..

It's the Harley-branded Cigarettes and "Hog Water" leading the charge...........
And yet, still it happens..........
Sapporo and Asahi is pretty good beer, I'll pass on Japanese whisky though.
According to an article posted on Harley FXD Dyna series sold 778 units in the U.K. for 2006.

To compare numbers, the BMW R1200GS, which was the top tourer in the U.K., sold 1468 units.

It seems to me that they are making progress considering Europe is supposed to be a weak market for cruisers.

"Supersport bikes dropped by 5%, (possibly more than that if you subtract the 1700 unit sales of the CBR125 R, which the MCI list as a sportbike when it obviously is not )"

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They're okay. That Kirin is real panther p1ss though.
Just try that SlimJim jerky sometime.
Hell, even my ex-wife was able to make jerky.

...but yeah, that SlimJim crap is awful.
Not factoring-in any Dividends, with 5 splits since its IPO in November of '87 - a $10,000 investment (@ $0.4534/share = ~22,000 shares) in Harley-Davidson stock then would be worth ~$54,000,000 in November of '06 (a high of $75.87 = ~706,000 shares).........
Oh yeah - I sincerely WISH I had been "stupid" enough to sink at least a few-thousand into 'em back before '96 or so.........
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