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Harley-Davidson 4Q Profit Up 9.7 Pct

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Sales in Europe up 31.2% for the quarter.

Dang and here I was told that Euros weren't into the whole Americana Biker image. They just want practical standards and sportbikes.

Those Canadians are crazy for HOGS too!
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Whoops! - almost forgot my Sources
Yep that is impressive.especially if you note the graph is log scale. I bet it matches the non log scale graph of average age of a Harley buyer..

Good post AirHawk..
However compared to 25,000 778 is only ~3%

From that same article you cite"CBR1000RR, the GSXR1000/600/750 and Yamaha YZF1000 R1 accounted for almost 10,000 sales - or about 40% of the total Supersports sector. "

Which means the total Supersport sector was 25,000 bikes.. That is a lot of squids riding sportbikes
Re: However compared to 25,000 778 is only ~3%

Right, but that was the number of bikes for one of the series of Harley models.

It has been repeated many times that the sportster model is the most popular in the U.K., though I have no numbers on it.

Also, if you recall from previous threads on this subject the BMW GS was ranked very high in number of units sold.

I would probably guess that the total number of HD units sold in the U.K. is about 2500-3000.

Not huge by any means, but it appears to be growing at a modest rate.
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Re: However compared to 25,000 778 is only ~3%

Dollar's down. HD becomes more affordable overseas. I guess the sky isn't falling after all.
I gotta tell ya, I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl on Prom night!

An oil thread AND a thread with Harley profits, complete with "They're goin' straight to hell!" predictions! On the same page!

Come on! Let's start the tire thread!

Wait! Let me get my comfy chair and a ****tail first!

Crap. I just ran outta exclamation points.

Back in a minute...
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Re: However compared to 25,000 778 is only ~3%

Personally, I think the Euro market will continue to grow for HD.

It's just a marketing thing. And HD is good at it.

Will they over take the sportbike segment, I wouldn't bet on it. But I bet they end up selling a whole lot more than they currently are.

Let's go! Capt. Morgan and I anxiously await!

Hey Longride, congrats on Da-Bears!

(My kids got me a whole bucket of !'s from Big Lots for Christmas.)

Y'know, we're overdue for a "Who's the better/worse rider/group" thread, too.

By the way, the weather sucks here. It's 60 degrees! But, the rain just left the area.
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I don't know about any of that other stuff, but I know that sportbikes are the safest bikes on the planet. Bears all the way baby!
"A more telling number to me is that domestic sales were only up 0.3 % in the last quarter. Also, the note that the heavy weight cruiser market is declining.. "

So they've increased their sales and their market share?
I'm going to kill myself now.
Don't forget...

But only if you wear a freakin HELMET!
Sapporo is brewed in Canada, read the fine print
Well don't forget they've already made car companies redesign cars to be more forgiving when they whack a pedestrian.
Re: Don't forget...

What's your opinion about putting a car tire on the back of my Gixxer?
Re: Don't forget...

Don't do it! Burning Death and all that...........
The best is that little addendum, "...under Japanese supervision." I'm fairly sure Asahi is brewed in Canadia too. Sapporo is done by Molson!

Sapporo tastes the same in Japan though, so they must be doing something right. Now all we need is a local San Miguel brewery and we'll be good.

Re: KPaul 4Q Correct Predictions Steady @ 0.0 Pct

Oh grow up. You're on your third username since you started talking about how Harley is going to fail, and it is not only old and tired but silly as well.

Wishing Harley to die will not make it so, any more than me wishing I was employed will magically employ me. Just stop, for Pete's sake. Sigh.

--The Fox
What bike should I buy! Do these armchaps make me look silly! Why can't I type without exclamation points now!


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