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$10 for the Ride-In-Show.

How much for the Trailer-in-Show?

Buz, time to set up the booth outside of Daytona so we can sell spray-on road grime and stick on bugs to The Trailermen. It'll make millions!

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I'd heard the stories but never having gone to any rallies, figured it ewas an exageration.

Took a ride out to the Rockies in '95 in early August (the time of Sturgis) on my Harley Wide Glide.

Granted, some may have a bad back or something but, Holy trailer Batman!, I couldn't believe all the trailers were passing thru.

$15-20k prefect road machines, including Electra Glides being towed...WTF. I can see not riding a sport bike 1500 to a rally...but a GLIDE!??!?!

Didn't go out for the rally and decided to skip dropping in with my 3 month old scoot with 15k on it cause they might make fun of me ruining my investment ( Been said too)

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