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Harley-Davidson earnings still rising

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harleys suck....first post
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Overall Nurbergring lap record held by Z3

If somebody made a simple 32 Ford roadster with a modern all wheel drive suspension and a 500 horsepower V-8, I'd buy one.

I'm working on a trike, with two front wheels. It will be registered as a motorcycle here in California.
Don't have any myself but...

I know a guy who has a Moto Guzzi tatoo and another with Triumph (the old Meriden-style logo). NEVER seen one for a riceburner though. It's one of those things we all know would look utterly absurd but nobody can explain exactly why. Then because it's so absurd I'm sure somebody has one. I mean, it wouldn't be much sillier than cartoon characters and I've seen some of those.
Re: How many other company logos are common tattoos?

i already got a nice suzuki slingshot design picked gotta get the 300 bucks for it.

Lots of Ducati's.....i dont think that disproves your point though.
Re: How many other company logos are common tattoos?

Several of my ridin' buds have VMAX tatoos.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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