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Pics of my new bike here are some of the add ons. Starting with the motor,I had the 103 big bore stageII kit installed.with SE race tuner,Heavy breather air intake,vance&hines big radius slash cut turn down pipes,I then move the license plate to the left side.It looked like **** on the back fender.Then added from the cw model the luggage rack and passager seat and back rest,if your married your going to need this.added 16" ape hangers with smoked billet turn signals,all braided cabels,all flamed grips and pegs,brake,shift,ect.smoked sport windsheild. well thats about it for now I like it.
But could some one tell me what a stock 96"is putting out for HP,mine now is at like 84 hp and 103 tourqe I would think it should be more but this is what showed up on the dyno. Dont get me wrong it runs great but I want as much as I can get.


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