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Ah, yes, British Heavy Metal...

...I remember it well. Unfortunately, Def Leppard screwed up the whole genre. Then we had to suffer the p*ssy bands from L.A. I still don't consider that hair band crap to be metal.

Sh*t, we all knew Halford was homosexual. The guy dressed like a gay S&M club staff member. Didn't anyone read the lyric sheets? No matter, he was cool. And I bet he could kick the entirety of Motley Crue's sad, Mabelline'd ass.

Now the Harley stuff, that's a bit hard to swallow. ;)

(Enter tasteless joke here.)

(Enter second joke here.)

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Re: He did?

I thought Boy George was a chick. How lame is that? When the whole Nite Flight/ Nite Tracks/ MTV started we used to go to this lounge at a Chinese joint, then come home and sit up and get baked watching videos. I swore up and down it was a chick singing Karma Chamelion.

Follow us now to those hazy 80's.......

An "economical" duplex in the seedy side of Auburn...... four ratty chopped shovelheads and a Sportster share a driveway with an old pinto and a GMC,.....the air thick with tobbaco and other agricultural cans scattered about share space with various Harley bit's and pieces......

The scene unfolds as sarnali and bro's Kerry, Roy and Ray discuss the video playing on the new MTV........

"dude it's a f***'n chick, man look at her"

"bulls*t man it's a guy, his name is boy george, isn't that right?".....

"I don't know man, it's got tits...."

"see it's a chick"

"no it ain't it's a f***'n guy, his name is boy george"

"dude you gonna' pass that or what?"

This went on 'till we found something else to argue about, like who was going to wake up my wife to go get some more beer..........

Don't know how I survived the 80's but it was sure fun..

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Re: Ah, yes, British Heavy Metal...

Halford is known for hanging out in the Hillcrest area of San Diego (no surprise there).

I have a friend who is a musician who happens to be the spittin' (no pun intended) image of Halford only younger.

He frequently has people coming up to him asking if he is Rob Halford.

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Fortunately, I'm a blues fan so I couldn't tell you the difference between JP, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue or Metallica. Nobody else probably could either.

When anyone mentions Heavy Metal I just think of the evil green ball anyhow.

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