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Heck, you think people not in the know not being able to distinguish between Harley’s and chopper's is bad? I was dating a girl and met her roommate one evening for the first time. We got to talking about me owning a motorcycle and I told her what kind. At the time I rode a BMW F650GS Dakar. So when we all left for dinner I pointed out my bike on the street. She looked at it incredulously and said," That’s not a motorcycle!" I would have hit her but I was very interested in having relations that night and I figured punching your new girlfriends roommate wasn't the best approach. So instead I said," If that's not a motorcycle what is?" She replied," I don't know. That just doesn't look like a motorcycle." *****...all right, not really. She was pretty cool. Drank scotch neat, drove a big Ford F150 Super cab, sunbathed nude, and was in a word sultry hot (okay, two words).

Anyway, she obviously expected to see a Harley and didn't consider any other type of bike a motorcycle but a Harley. So if someone confuses your Harley with a chopper don't sweat it. At least they still consider it a motorcycle.
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