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Harley-Davidson shutting down Buell

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Harley-Davidson shutting down Buell

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You know Buell was so close but they really blew it with the latest bike. It had a great motor and was fun to ride but it was so damn ugly.

The problem when you try to make a bike to appeal to the milkcrate brigade is that it's hard to convince tightwads to spend the dough for a new bike.

People don't buy products. They buy how products make them feel.
Here's the official video. Dang. Watching it makes me feel so bad for Erik.
Why not partner up with the Dali Obama? He's doing such a swell job running the auto companies.
Sure he made a good go of it. He also hooked up with some deep pockets to get him started. I think Erik had some good designs and some nice bikes. I always like Buells. He was destined to be a niche guy though, and that niche has been squeezed.
Maybe the Japanese can hire him for some original ideas like putting the muffler below the bike.
"That means 1125CRs are going for about $5k right now. "

They are $6995 from the dealers brand new. That is the lowest price I have seen so far.
I think you need to snap one up. It's a kick ass ride.
1 - 5 of 188 Posts
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