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Harley-Davidson shutting down Buell

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Harley-Davidson shutting down Buell

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IDK i sort of feel that alot of MVs bike look like every other sports bike.
Honestly, why didnt they just let Erik take Buell back as an independent company... people looking at Buells arnt going to look at Harley anways, well outside of the XR1200.
You're right, Blame Kpaul! (sorta like blame canada)
One of these days theres going to be NO names left because hes going to have used them all to get a total of 2 messages through before ban...
If the xbs and 1125s are around $5-7k i wonder where that leaves the '09 blasts...
The two are unrelated. For example the BMW 1200C was a weak sister motorcycle but also was the ugliest motorcycle ever built.
I happen to like the 1200c.....yea i know im an odd duck.

1 - 8 of 188 Posts
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