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Harley-Davidson to build a Tri-Rod?

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Harley-Davidson to build a Tri-Rod?

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If you check the US Patent Office they applied for the patent around 3 years ago when Piaggio released the MP3. I find it refreshing that HD R&D is thinking outside the box. Don't know that it would sell. However, the concept is interesting.
The latest Motorcyclist has an article on the Piaggio MP3, the Bombardier, and a gawd-awful F1-fornicated-with-a-R1200 looking four-wheeler.

They didn't have much nice to say about the last two. The biggest complaint was the weird tracking and hard steering, followed by the bump-steer issue.

They really liked the Piaggio. They especially liked the ability to really throw the bike into a corner, because with the front twin tires, you really have to try to lose the front.
What do you expect out of a bunch of motorcyclist? Let the ATV rags test the last two vehicles and then formulate an opinion. Bet they give a different view point.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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