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Harley-Davidson to donate 30 police motorcycles

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Congrats to Harley for this donation!

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Thanks H-D !!! Now it's everybody elses turn to follow suite.. I have no doubts about riders, we'll ride to raise funds for any good cause. How about Honda, Kawazuki, Yamaha, and the rest?
This is just another example of what we already know. Harley Davidson is a great American company and one class act.
I am glad Harley has made this move. Harley gives a great deal of money to various charities and organizations (WWII memorial, MDA telethon, etc.). BMW has also donated a significant number of motorcycles (100 -- I guess they can draw on significantly larger resources than Harley), sport-utes (the X5) and money to New York and the Red Cross in the wake of this horrible act of terror. I hope other large corporations also are involved.
"I hope other large corporations also are involved."

I can't comment specifically on the big Japanese four, but the list of corporate donors on the American Red Cross page is huge. I can't imagine a major company not donating. [As a non-motorcycle-company sidenote: when I worked for Target (discount store chain), I remember the statistic that corporate HQ of that company donates $1 million PER WEEK to charity, and I'm sure that they've donated millions to the relief effort so far.]

I hope that the Japanese Big Four will donate, but I also hope that HD will donate to the Japanese relief workers the next time an earthquake devastates a Japanese city (last major one a few years ago left something like 50,000-100,000 homeless). When lives are on the ilne, we should remember that national borders are just lines on a map and we're all just human in the end.
I am sure that others are involved. I admit to not looking it up on the Red Cross web site. I wasn't even referring to the Japanese motorcycle companies -- I was actually wondering what the Big 3 (sorry Big 2 +Daimler Chrysler) automakers were doing. Why turn it into a competition? By the way, Harley does donate to global causes, just as many other large corporations do. And if you only knew how badly you are preaching to the wrong damn person about lines on the map...
I'm not "preaching" to anybody, and CERTAINLY not accusing anybody of not caring. If there's one thing I know, its that every single person on this site cares about the tragedy in New York. And that's wonderful.

I was merely expressing a sentiment, and a positive one at that. I have no idea whether Harley donates to disasters overseas, but I hope they do/would. Not because this is a contest or anything shallow like that, but becuase any big company donating money and material does a lot of good and saves a lot of lives. The more aid the better, regardless of where it comes from.
way to go guys

The terrorists are sure to get away now. They better have included the million dollars for the spare fast bikes able to actually catch some thing.
Are you talking about BMW as a whole or just motorcycles? Their motorcycle division is much smaller then the almighty POC. I mean HD.
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Thanks Harley Davidson!! This is just one more instance where we as "Americans" are pulling together and just helping. I don't ride a Harley (ride a Kawasaki 1200) but with the gap in quality, performance etc.. closing up all the time. I have a higher regard for Harley now than at any time.
I may be wrong, but when he mentioned 'preaching' he was simply agreeing with you...
Harley donates "the use" of 30 police motorcycles
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