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Harley-Davidson to open first dealership in China since WWII

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And nothing to eat but rice....

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What HD knows is that the Chinese government promised to guaranty the sale of a minimum number of machines to make the venture just profitable for HD while at the same time demonstrating that they are making an effort to narrow the trade gap with the United States.
And they will copy H-D bikes and sell the ripoffs.Hell,they make 90%of the ties in the United States already.I saw a documentary on a place in China called "tie city" and the guy who owns it,can,t even tie a tie!
I did not read the linked story but it's my understanding that HD made a deal with a in-land motorcycle manufacturer to build bikes in country. Is that right? If so with all the parts off a standard Harley that are outsourced can you really call it an American motorcycle anymore?
So the public there thinks cycles are under powered, dangerous and pump out high emmisions - sounds like they have riden Harleys before - good luck boys.
I'd like to see that flathead 750cc Chang Jiang motor in a Buell chassis.

Why not, the big corporations have already sent the most up-to-date technology and manufacturing plants to China to take advantage of the cheap labour. With US influence and power on the decline, China is quickly emerging as the new superpower. It’s utilising all that technology to modernise and re equip its military. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the Red army getting around on V Rod sidecar outfits instead of Chaing Jiang's.(1930's BMW copy).

Ahh, capitalism and communism, what strange bedfellow’s. Now think of the money that could be made if Cuba had as big a market as ChinaNow think of the money that could be made if Cuba had as big a market as China. Oh I’d forgotten, we don’t trade with Cuba because it a communist county. The double standards and intricacies of politics cease to amaze..
China's current published population census is about 1.25 BILLION. If 1% of that number, conservatively representing the emerging moneyed "proletariat" management class buys an HD, that's conservatively in excess of 125,000 machines. Smart HD move! A growth market they can't afford to ignore.
The low seat height should suit well.
So should China's non-existent emissions regulations!
Hey ,I,m gong to try to go China in August with the woman warrior,[the wife].Gonna be the only two black folks in China!Maybe I,ll try to rent a Hog.If I get back from dodging the bird flu ,pollution,brainwashing ,and Anti-Americanism,will talk to Mofo Headquarters about posting a report.
Haha, I have been to China many times since my wife is Chinese. You will encounter racism there. Chinese are very friendly to whites, but are very racist towards blacks, japanese, and middle easterners.

If you are an American though you might get better treatment as most general the populace actually really loves America and Americans despite what you hear.

Pollution is VERY bad, and make sure you get all your shots before going. If you are sticking to the big cities and not handling live poultry I wouldn't worry too much about bird-flu :)

Have fun! I think you will be surprised how crazy capitalistic it is there now.
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"The government views motorcycles as underpowered, cheap, polluting machines that clog traffic and endanger others."

-The power-to-weight ratio of most motorcycles is superior to pretty much all other forms of transportation.

-They're cheap only if made that way. Maybe they don't get to see many quality bikes?

-Polluting compared to what? Pedestrians and bicycles, yes. Cars, trucks, buses... no. Unless you're only seeing poorly tuned two-stroke bikes belching smoke, of course. Maybe there's more of them in the mix than in other countries?

-Clog traffic compared to what? Same as previous point.

-Endanger others? Puh-leeze! Ridden responsibly, I'd say motorcycles have a lot less potential for harming others (besides the pilot) than most forms of motorized conveyance.

My conclusion is the Chinese government may very well have it's scalp bumping up underneath it's colon. They're repressive enough, at any rate.

Harley has got to have some kind of angle or deal to sweeten the venture. On the surface, it just doesn't sound like a good gamble.
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