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Dirt Track-inspired, high performance street model developed specifically for the European market tops off a superlative 2008 line-up

Harley-Davidson today announces the company's intention to begin production of the XR 1200™ motorcycle for the European market in the spring of 2008. The XR 1200 is a great handling, high performance, naked street motorcycle with styling cues inspired by the legendary Harley-Davidson® XR 750 flat track racer – a purpose built race bike that has notched up more race wins than any racing motorcycle in the history of motorcycle sport.

The XR 1200 Prototype was first unveiled to huge acclaim from customers and the media alike by Bill Davidson (great-grandson of one of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company's founders) at the Intermot motorcycle show in October, 2006. "The incredibly positive reaction we received to the XR 1200 Prototype and sustained level of anticipation amongst customers and the press across Europe confirmed how much interest there is in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle inspired by our racing line" said Davidson, Director of Motorcycle Product Development.

Developed with new European customers in mind

The XR 1200 is the result of a close collaboration between the Motor Company's Milwaukee-based product development team and Harley-Davidson's European product planning team. Reflecting the importance of the European market to Harley-Davidson, the European team played a significant role in defining the specifications and ergonomics of the XR 1200, and worked with US Ride and Handling engineers on suspension, braking and handling development.

John Lewis, Marketing Director for Harley-Davidson Europe said: "On top of our other exciting new model announcements for 2008, the XR 1200 is the perfect way to round-off a superb 2008 product line-up. We are delighted to announce that the XR 1200 will go into production in Spring 2008, having worked closely with our colleagues in the U.S. to create a great handling, high performance Harley-Davidson streetbike that looks great and is fun to ride. Feedback from European customers and the motorcycle media has been overwhelmingly positive so we think the XR 1200 will be well received in Europe."

European pricing for the XR 1200 is yet to be finalised but pre-tax is expected to be below €10,000 excluding applicable V.A.T and luxury taxes. This will equate to no more than €12,000 including V.A.T. in most major European markets.

Great customer and media reaction

Harley-Davidson Europe has collected a large amount of customer and media feedback since the XR 1200 Prototype’s unveiling. There have been a huge number of customer site visits to, the dedicated website that showcases the XR 1200.

The result points to the most powerful air-cooled European specification Harley-Davidson yet, with a 1200cc downdraft fuel injected engine producing high torque and peak horsepower. The suspension and braking have also been fine tuned to suit European roads. With a generous lean angle; specially tuned Showa® sports suspension, including 43mm inverted front forks; high performance Nissin® brakes; and specially developed Dunlop® Qualifier tyres, the XR 1200 is set to become the best handling Harley-Davidson regular production machine ever seen.

Product planning collaboration between Harley-Davidson’s European and American teams has thus far proved extremely successful and bodes well for the future of this exciting new addition to the Harley-Davidson family. Recently, the incredibly successful VRSCDX Night Rod® Special was the result of such a collaboration and has become one of the top selling Harley-Davidson models in Europe.

As a package, the XR 1200 is a bike full of purpose and character coupled with great performance, handling and a unique feel. Above all else it will be a bike that will offer a hugely rewarding riding experience.

XR 1200 features include:
• XR 750-inspired styling and livery
• 1200cc high performance powertrain finished in as-cast silver powdercoat
• Downdraft fuel injection and electronically controlled active air intake system
• Specially developed Dunlop® Qualifier tyres (front 120/70ZR18; rear 180/55ZR17)
• Unique lightweight cast wheels with dirt track-inspired design
• Specially developed sports-tuned Showa® suspension including 43mm inverted front forks
• Agile handling and ample cornering clearance
• High performance Nissin® brakes
• Ergonomics designed to fit the average height European customer
• A commanding sport riding position with wide handlebars for leverage and semi-rearset footrests
• Unique new instruments with a large white-faced tachometer and digital speedo read-out

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We can only hope the powers that be at Harley decide to bring them over hear as well. Sounds like an excellent bike
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