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Harley did it again?

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Re: They did it again?

You Harley shill!

How much butt does one have to kiss to get some VFR sales figures posted?
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Re: Yamaha MT01

I've never been able to figure out why Harley gets bashed so roundly over their 30's technology based engines while the Japanese engines are also based on technology from the 30's. Mercedes built shortstroke DOHC racing engines before WWII. You'd think the Japanese invented all this in the 70's to listen to some people.
Re: And why they COULD

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Honda release sales figures in the past? I seem to remember seeing yearly sales figures back in the 70's. That's how we knew that Honda sold more CB350s each year than every other motorcycle company's total production combined.. including Honda's other models.

Why did they stop? It does sound fishy.

Maybe, like Ford, they lose money selling vehicles but make it up by offering the financing. They just want to avoid the embarassment of admitting it.
This don't hurt.

Who wants to think about Pam Anderson in @ssless chaps when you can think about Catherine Zeta Jones in @ssless chaps... or Halle Berry in @ssless chaps.... or......
Re: Hawgs

And just think how much that extra .5 hp helps them when they bolt on the fart can.
Re: Hawgs

If you thnik the last American motorcycle of the 70s was poor quality just think about the American cars of the 70's.
Re: But what about the future?

I'm wondering if the neverending screws being put to the noise standards are a worse threat.
Re: 1976 Pacer

Not that bad? You do have amnesia! Can you spell Pinto? K-Car? New Mustang?

Junk. Utter junk.

Worse than Fiat 850s.
Re: Yamaha MT01

Fuel injection development was originally for diesels I believe. Then it was further driven by the demand for aircraft that could fly inverted. It was more than slightly embarassing for your fighter to stall when taking negative G's.

Motorcycle injection is a pretty late development. Nothing to brag about.
1 - 8 of 148 Posts
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