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Harley did it again?

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Re: They did it again?

You Harley shill!

How much butt does one have to kiss to get some VFR sales figures posted?
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Re: They did it again?

These shills are very shrill. They sould take a chill pill, which of course, would fit the bill and would give me a thrill.

How does Harley do it, with that antiquated mill?

Everyone knows it's old, but yet they buy them still.

And when you go to buy them, oy, you should see the bill!

We've seen it all before, you all know the drill.

The damn things are so wheezie, they can't make it up the hill.

I think I've had enough of them, I guess I've had my fill!

By now I've used it all, my last remaining goodwill.

So I guess I''ll have a pickle, probably a dill.

Guess I need to get out more....
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Want more...Just released 2005 "New" model information...

Harley -

Buell -

I really like the Buell "City"...A city bike with no where to hang bags....

Same as always...BNG etc...
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I agree. The bike is "good" for riding. I had a 2004 1200R. I had to sell it, and I miss it. I have a Triumph Tiger and Speed Four, but truth be told, for a FUN weekend ride, I miss the HD.
Never, 'cause that ain't no Harrrley. Loooks like one o' the damn rice burners............

(actual comments I've heard about the V-Rod uttered by the faithful)
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Re: Looks like your wrong.

Those numbers are not in the press release. Where are they published?
Re: small potato's

Actually, I think Honda sold more units in the US than HD did in 03. I know MCN (US) reported the numbers. I may be wrong, but that's what I remember.
Re: small potato's

Everyone's talking "out sells". That's all I said. A unit is a unit.
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