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Harley did it again?

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Re: They did it again?

You Harley shill!

How much butt does one have to kiss to get some VFR sales figures posted?
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Re: And why they COULD

My understanding is they make money on cruisers and finnancing, and loose money on sportbikes, and that the sportbike market is all about prestige for them.

I'm glad Harley is making money, why would anyone be against an American company, paying union wages and bennies, and sourcing most of there parts in the US.
Re: small potato's

I'm not sure how many bikes Triumph sold. Next to HD or any of the Japanese manufacturers they're pretty small so the actual numbers aren't going to be that big. I do know they sold at least one bike because I bought it.

Be that as it may a 34% increase in sales is still a nice jump. Harley has done well for the last 15 years and I think thats great. They're well made, reliable and attractive bikes, a real American success story.

The other poster merely pointed out that as a percentage Triumph sales have increased more than Harleys. No need to get your knickers in a twist over that, There's room at the top for Harley as well.
Re: Hawgs

that's why they take the shocks off and lower them, all that horespower makes the car want to fly.
Re: Hawgs

His goldwing will fine until some key part fails and he finds out the part is A). $599.00 B). No longer available, and

C). 10 hrs. labor @ $95.00 p/h to install if they could find one, on a bike thats now worth $1500.00 if it was running., which it isn't
Re: Wait a minute....

I had 2 Pintos, they were actually pretty good cars. Now if you're talking about 4 ton *****-barge LTDs, Caprices or Vista Cruisers you're right. Overweight, ill handling, numb steering, put-you-through-the-windshield brakes, gas hog rolling turds, all except my '69 440 Fury 111 ex-cop car I got when I got out of the Navy. That was a runner.
Re: Like ***** through a goose

The only person I've talked to that rode one said it was flat out the hardest pulling bike he's ever ridden. If that don't put a smile on your face I don't know what to tell ya' LOL
Re: The Might Pinto

That's what it was, even had the searchlight and shotgun rack. Little holes all over the interior where they ripped out the cage across the back of the front seat and the radio and what-not

That sum-***** was fast. it had the po-lice 440 intercepter motor, 4160 Holly carb, posi-trac, factory duel exhaust and skinny little bald tires. We'd hit the parking lots in the rain with a couple of quarts of beer and a little 'lumbo and do do-nuts till we heard si-reens in the distance then haul ass. One time my dog had enough and jumped out the back window, so we had to go catch him before the cops got there. I kept the window up after that!

That was the first car I bought when I got out, I was free, white and 21, man. Paid $300. for it drove it for about a year till the timing chain broke, then sold it to the junk yard for $150. What a kick in the ass.
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Re: small potato's

Oh c'mon now they were twisted, we could tell by your tone of voice........
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