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why Hog-Pilots can't wave to you...

The bike is shaking too much - removing a hand would put the bike at risk of a crash. Its obvious the RIDERS aren't worried about crashing based on the level of "protective" gear they wear.

Now, before you yell and scream at me for being biased agains Harley riders (I do think the custom choppers are rather goofy-looking) - I met a couple of weekend warriors a few weeks ago. They were sooo proud of their gleaming Heritage Classics sitting outside of the doughnut shop. To hear them go on about them, and how much they love riding them - I've NEVER heard a sport bike rider go on and on about how much they love riding their bikes. These guys were having one Hell of a good time, so how can you fault that when no one else is getting hurt? These guys actually had SNELL-approved full-face lids and proper leather gear too, so they may even have a decent chance of surviving a crash.

So what if they don't wave? Who cares? Are other riders looking for validation from these folks by receiving a wave? Who knows. I think that the Hog-Pilots are having too good of a time on their bikes to even NOTICE other riders.
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