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Harley did it again?

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Re: They did it again?

You Harley shill!

How much butt does one have to kiss to get some VFR sales figures posted?
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This needs to be looked at in the greater picture. Motorcycle sales in general are up. One manufacturer may be doing a bit better than others, but almost all are up. Triumph is another company that has seen HUGE increases in sales so far this year. This is not intended as any knock on Harley, and it's actually a great thing for the motorcycling industry as a whole. But it's not just that Harley has done something tremendous to separate themselves.
Here's the facts:

June 21, 2004 – Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd., announced today that the company’s U.S. new unit sales jumped 104% during May – with an overall year-to-date increase of 34.5% -- when compared to the same time period (January-May) in 2003. Triumph’s U.S. sales growth continues to exceed the U.S. industry year-to-year new unit sales growth of 8 %.

Strong interest in the new Thruxton 900 café-racer inspired version of the classic Bonneville, the ground-breaking Rocket III power cruiser, and the updated Tiger dual-sport styled motorcycle has helped to fuel recent sales growth and drive more consumers to Triumph dealers. Consumers have also reacted positively to the firm’s strong finance programs. "Motorcyclist’s interest in the Triumph brand has never been stronger," said Todd Andersen, Marketing Vice President, Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd. "We are very pleased to report that our existing models account for almost all of the 2004 sales increase as Thruxtons just began arriving in dealerships in May, and our Rocket III is arriving in showrooms at the end of June."

So Harley's 8.9% increase is in line with the industry standard of 8% for the US market.
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