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But what about the future?

What happens to HD when the air cooled V-Twin cannot pass EPA regulations?

Does their financial statement say that HD makes a profit off their bikes and not just parts and accessories? I know it shows revenue growth but what is the profit margin on the bikes?

On a related note it seems that HD is reaching it's saturation point, a local stealer, one that has a long history of overcharging for new HD's was advertising new '04 models for less than MSRP. Could the gravy train on new bike sales be coming to an end for HD stealers?

I'd say that ever since old man Honda died the bikes coming from Honda have become more vanilla and boring. They seem to have no passion for design creativity, where as Yamaha have become the leader of the Japanese for styling followed by Kawasaki. Everything coming out of Honda has that Toyota Camry feel to me, they do the job but are visually unexciting especially compared to the competition. The new CBR's aren't bad, but the cruiser line just doesn't cut it when compared to HD, Yamaha or Kawasaki. The way it's going for Honda I could see them losing money on bikes at this point, the showrooms are getting clogged up with left overs.
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