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Harley did it again?

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Re: They did it again?

You Harley shill!

How much butt does one have to kiss to get some VFR sales figures posted?
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I have a ZRX and a new sportster 1200

Guess which one I like to ride whenever I get a chance

That's right, the more dated but more fun to ride HARLEY
Re: Honda bulletproof?

lol. I only have about 11,000 on my 2002 Wing and not a single problem. My buddy, on the other hand, had his Brand new Low Rider for about two months before there were oil spots on his shed floor! LOL. My garage floor is clean!
Re: Facts vs. Hype

Harley makes a ton of money becasue they never redesign their bikes. They must have made their money back about 30 years ago and now it is all gravy. If people line up to buy it, why change?

Honda sells more motorcycles world wide than any other maker...I would say they are doing quite well in the marketplace.
Re: Yamaha MT01

and the first fuel injected bike was a Honda from way back... Harley cloned it of course. ;)
Re: Facts vs. Hype

Since we weren't talking about "the marketplace" I guess you missed the point entirely. Wouldn't be the first time for you though.
Re: Honda bulletproof?

I had a buddy that had his new Wing recalled 3 times, 2 of which included a broken frame and overheating. We don't even want to talk about all the money he would lost to get rid of the junk. LOL
Re: Honda bulletproof?

Tell your buddy to get his low rider back to the dealer. It sounds like a pinched o-ring in the primary. I know they had a problem with that a couple years ago. I believe there is a shop bulletin on it. Once he gets that little sucker fixed he'll likely not have anymore problems at all. Do this of course only if you care about another non-wingnut motorcyclist.
why Hog-Pilots can't wave to you...

The bike is shaking too much - removing a hand would put the bike at risk of a crash. Its obvious the RIDERS aren't worried about crashing based on the level of "protective" gear they wear.

Now, before you yell and scream at me for being biased agains Harley riders (I do think the custom choppers are rather goofy-looking) - I met a couple of weekend warriors a few weeks ago. They were sooo proud of their gleaming Heritage Classics sitting outside of the doughnut shop. To hear them go on about them, and how much they love riding them - I've NEVER heard a sport bike rider go on and on about how much they love riding their bikes. These guys were having one Hell of a good time, so how can you fault that when no one else is getting hurt? These guys actually had SNELL-approved full-face lids and proper leather gear too, so they may even have a decent chance of surviving a crash.

So what if they don't wave? Who cares? Are other riders looking for validation from these folks by receiving a wave? Who knows. I think that the Hog-Pilots are having too good of a time on their bikes to even NOTICE other riders.
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Re: Hawgs

Japanese brands became more attuned to US needs all right...they sold their bikes at a loss to move product and gain market share. And if I remember correctly, Harley asked the tariffs be removed early and they haven't looked back since.

As for the Japanese parts on a Harley, I believe that the number of domestic suppliers they do business with far outnumbers the foreign suppliers. If you haven't noticed lately, we are in kind of a world economy and most motorcycle manufacturers are using foreign suppliers to an extent. Yes, Japanese bikes even use some American parts.

Welcome to the free market. If the market wasn't there, they wouldn't be making products to feed it. Until the market changes away from the current nostalgic formula, H-D has little pressure to change.
But what about the future?

What happens to HD when the air cooled V-Twin cannot pass EPA regulations?

Does their financial statement say that HD makes a profit off their bikes and not just parts and accessories? I know it shows revenue growth but what is the profit margin on the bikes?

On a related note it seems that HD is reaching it's saturation point, a local stealer, one that has a long history of overcharging for new HD's was advertising new '04 models for less than MSRP. Could the gravy train on new bike sales be coming to an end for HD stealers?

I'd say that ever since old man Honda died the bikes coming from Honda have become more vanilla and boring. They seem to have no passion for design creativity, where as Yamaha have become the leader of the Japanese for styling followed by Kawasaki. Everything coming out of Honda has that Toyota Camry feel to me, they do the job but are visually unexciting especially compared to the competition. The new CBR's aren't bad, but the cruiser line just doesn't cut it when compared to HD, Yamaha or Kawasaki. The way it's going for Honda I could see them losing money on bikes at this point, the showrooms are getting clogged up with left overs.
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If the Queen had balls she'd be King, right?
Re: Hawgs

Instead of cultural amnesia, I think ya just have amnesia. My 1976 Superglide stock had Kayaba forks, Mikuni carb, and after digging into the engine, many seals that were made in Japan, so those same crappy old Harleys had Japanese parts too. All that was way before there was tariffs or bankruptcy. No one works on anything or knows how anything works? Didn't that spawn a whole generation of Japanese motorcycle riders? Buy a bike you don't have to work on, and then when you do, send it to the junkyard. Let's go to the local boneyard and count the number of Japanese bikes to Harleys. Why don't you buy a thrashed Japanese bike for $750 and build that?
Re: Honda bulletproof?

Yeah, he said it was something with the Primary.
Re: Honda bulletproof?

Sucks for him. My Wing has only has a single recall for a possible over heating issue. I never had it overheat or even close to overheating, so no biggy for me.

Lucky Honda did not make him pay to have their known defects fixed like certain other manufacturers do.
Does anyone know when they are going to make another model around that Vrod motor? I thought I heard a while back they were going to make several different bikes around it.
Re: Hawgs

Alls that is, is marketing. Harley has to be the most successful marketeer in the world. The reason you see so few Harleys in a junkyard is people are crazy for anything that says HD on it, they pay outrageous sums of money for it.

I am glad I am immune to such marketing ploys.
Re: Facts vs. Hype

What are you talking about? take a look at the post to which i replied. You ever wrote it!??!?
Re: Hawgs

Yeah, we know Honda never markets their products. LOL Your GoldWing will still end up in the junkyard because not only is it of no value to you, but no value to anyone else either. My refrigerator has no marketing and is really efficient, but when it breaks it hits the garbage, just like your Honda. The only thing you seem to be immune to is emotion. I suppose if your motorcycle is an appliance, then all in the world is well for you.
I agree. The bike is "good" for riding. I had a 2004 1200R. I had to sell it, and I miss it. I have a Triumph Tiger and Speed Four, but truth be told, for a FUN weekend ride, I miss the HD.
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