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Harley Early Release 2005 Sportsters

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"Sportsters are by far the most capable and best engineered of all Harley Davidsons."

Sportsters are more capable and better engineered than V-Rods? Who knew?
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I don't know if I qualify as a canyon squid but I was subjected to a dose of Dirty ass-handing a few months ago. I believe I was on the FZ-6 which is the new King of Vibration.

I can't wait to see that new Cloisonne' emblem!
"Many a canyon squid has had their ass handed to them, by a fat old fart on a Sportster. " OK it happened to me once when I was just starting out. I am sure if I met that old fart now I would wax him. By the way, I think his license plate said "HIWYMAN"
Yahoo first post! When the heck is Harley going to come out with a bike to replace my Fxrt.I want a V-Rod (detuned for Mpg and torque) powered sport-touring bike with at least a 200 mile range good hard bags and comfortable riding position.
So I'm guessing that "L" stands for "Ladies". Will it be made available in fuscia and teal for the AbFab rideher I wonder?
I think it stands for Lollapalooza and you can only buy one if you have the required number of piercings and tats.
If I was buyin' a HD, and I'm sure one day I will... It would be a sporty... A 1200 with screamin' eagle everything. I dig the fat look tanks that showed up last year.

Now if they would just use more black, and less chrome... I know I know... blasphemy.
Blasphemy? Not really. It would basically be a Night Train Sportster. I love the Night Train, and the '05 Warrior which has a sorta similar look, but way more aggressive.
Well, I guess it depends on youir definition of capable and best engineered. As an all-around bike, a Sportster is considerably more capable than a V-Rod. If you are talking about chassis engineering, a Sportster is also better. The only area a V-Rod has any advantage is in engine engineering (I know, that sounds dumb).
Wasn't Harley Earl the Buick guy??? Oh wait...never mind.
The first night train... that was a dream bike for me. They ruined it though... now it's just a name.
Actually my 5'1" wife fit pretty well on the standard 883 except she had trouble reaching the clutch and brake levers with her tiny little hands. That doesn't seem to be one of the things they addressed on the new "L".
(*british accent*) And there was much rejoicing...

*twiddles first finger around in little circles.*

Yay. Yay.

er, something like that. Man. These Harleys change so much every year, it's hard to keep up!
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How astute, the cloisonne' emblem is what seals the deal for me also!

No really I've always liked Sporty's, they seem to be getting better every year. I wish they'd have kept the Sport model but it looks like the Roadster has eveything it needs.

If I could just get the Rocket 111 out of my head I might buy one. It's on the list anyway....
I liked the new Sporty as well. However, I just did 800 miles Sat. and Sun. and was thankful I was on the Geezer Glide.

The Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains were awesome.
Sounds cool, We're heading down to Bend Oregon in August for the PNW Rat Raid.

We've got our room reserved, gramma's watching the girls and I just got a dividend check for a grand.

Life is good.
Ours was kind of a last minute "let's do an overnight" kind of ride.

Friday morning I woke up in Washington DC and Saturday night I was sleeping in Kernville, CA of all places. I rode from the coast to the desert to the mountains thru oilfields into more mountains and then down the coast back home.

The politicians I met in DC were probably more diverse than the landscape!
That new cloisonne is the H-D equivalent of the Bold New Graphics often pitched as updates by the Japanese companies. Harley's not the only company that introduces "improved" bikes with no significant changes. OK, they do it more often than the others, but...
There is always the FXDX Superglide Sport, it has that great blacked out look.
at least the 04 owners i don't have to feel as bad as the people (suckers) who bought the 03 sporties
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