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Harley Gets Go Ahead for Museum

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Why stop with just a museum. They should build Harley-World for the ultimate Harley marketing experience...Harley hamburgers, Harley rides, Harley beer ...
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I wonder if they'll sell t-shirts there.........
Well, if they build it in the same proportions as their catalogs and dealerships, they'll have a bike showroom measuring about 30' x 30', and the remainder of the 110,000 sqft for clothing and accessories.
I'd rather they rolled the money back into lowering their prices rather than yet another poinltess edifice.
Don't forget ..

LOL good one naco but you forgot my favorite

Harley-Online or HO for short. LongNazi will be editor-in-chief
Except for pre WW2 stuff - which is very cool - they only have one bike to show, albiet in 36, 372 variations....a museum ONLY for the faithful.
If you want rolled back prices go to wal*mart

Harley Davidson is Real American Steel(tm) and that s**t don't come cheap, why waste money on R&D when you got it right the first time back in '58
Ooops, I forgot the WW2 flat twin AND the Italian singles...I can't spell Aream...something...whatever
They should have a floor made of sawdust for easy cleanup.
Re: Don't forget ..

Seriously, refering to anyone you disagree with on topics trivial - like motorcycles - or serious - like the direction of an entire country - as a Nazi is creepy, unprofessional and rude. Frankly it is right on the edge of evil.

Nazis exterminated Jews, Gypsies, mentally challenged, physically deformed and others just for the practices.

"LongNazi" -Pathetic.
Re: Don't forget ..

Oh quit being so politically correct. That era ended last Tuesday. longNazi is totally appropriate for longride . He would censor so many people when they submitted stuff. Thank God MO took that role back. longride is so vindictive and a puppet of the HD motorcycle company...Nazi perfected the art of propaganda that is why we call longride that. He would submit never-ending articles about HDs. He was kind of like the Fox New channel was in this last election....Unfair and Biased.
Er... that was '38, bud.

Speaking of '38s have you seen any movies with Monica in them lately.
Gotta be some reason to visit Milwaukee other than tour the beer factories.
Re: Don't forget ..

Nazi perfected the art of propaganda that is why we call longride that.

We? You must mean each one of your 37 personalities. It must be difficult with all those voices going on in your head at once.
HD should build the museum in several smaller buildings strategically placed between the breweries. Then they could have a real world class barhopping tour for the GPTB.
Re: Don't forget ..

If that idiot thinks I had censorship power at any time here, he is more delusional than you thought. All I do is post articles that I like, or find. Wrote a couple articles, also. Sean is the editor. He has control over what gets posted and how it gets posted, as it should be. He has always had that control since he became editor. Since moron sends in stupid articles, and they don't get posted, he assumed I censored them. Since he is wrong about everything else, could you at least feign suprise that he is wrong about this??
Build it and the GPTB will come!
I watched Brotherhood of the Wolf the other night, Monica showing her ta-ta's makes up for all the french blather, and Tears of the Sun was on cable the other day.

That ones a pretty good movie too if you can get past "bulletproof Bruce" Willis acting like a Borg.
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