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Harley Named Official Motorcycle of NHRA.

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Although I generally consider Harleys to be a type of farm implement, this actually makes sense - I remember seeing fuel sportsters hitting around 150 at Fontana a couple of decades ago, and the new VRod drag bike continues that trend. Plus, as I recall, dragstrips don't have corners.
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Now what do you know about "farm implements"?
I find that ironic...drag racing is supposed to about speed & power. The only thing Harley has in common with drag racing is noise. Oh, the water HOG, yeah my Valk laden with luggage can run with that. That's why there's the AHDRA...where bicycles aren't even allowed. It's disappointing to see our (US) manufacturer resort to the usual smoke & mirrors in marketing. Sure, it's good business, but bad motorcycling. Really, where's the performance? Not "assembled in America" anymore.
How are those new Valks selling these days?
Isn't VALK an acronym for ""*****"" in Japanese.
What happened to the Yamaha Warrior? I know for years it could beat the V-rod in drag racing. This part I am not sure of but doesn't Harley drag racing only race Harley's?I love America just like the rest of us but drag racing is drag racing.

'bout as good as a Rune.........

The V-rod, specially the Street Rod, on the other hand is selling like hot cakes in the Seattle area. Downtown Harley in Seattle sold 4 in one day awhile back, I'd be happy to score one myself when I get rich like K-pee
"the only major U.S.-based manufacturer of motorcycles," Seems to be short changing Victory, who doesn't move as many units as Harley, but seems to be on solid ground and continues to make inroads into the cruiser market.
I tested the StreetRod last summer right here on MO. It's a very nice motorcycle. I preferred the V-Rod, but either one is pretty cool. So what did I do? Took a nice road trip to pick up an 82 FLH. That makes Shovel # 2. Is 4 bikes too many?
I think they meant the only US based manufacturer of motorcycles that aren't copies of Harley's.
Just goes to show ya that money can buy anyone.
Official Motorcycle of NHRA.

Oh boy! Another marketing scheme!

Lets see if we can drum up more sales!

If we are the "Official" bike, we must be real good.

Get over yourself HD, youre not all that.
Took a nice road trip to pick up an 82 FLH. That makes Shovel # 2. Is 4 bikes too many?


Question. I've thought about upgrading from my '92 EVO FLHS to a Shovel FLH. Why, you might ask? I have to enumerate.

1 The EVO technology is a bit too modern. It doesn't need me that much.

2 A rubber mounted shovel would probably work for me on the highway about as well as the EVO.

3 The shovel head engine looks better.

4 The shovel head engine sounds way better.

Any flaw in this logic?
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NO flaws that I can think of. See no Evo, hear no Evo, Ride no Evo!
The only advantage an Evo has over a good running Shovel is the 5 speed and bolt on intake manifold instead of clamps and bands. That's why I didn't even look at used bikes and went straight to the TC88. I paid $12k otd and I'm in it for another $1500 or so with SE filter, jets, pipes, forward controls off a FXWG, a short sissy bar and leather bags.

The bike is all day comfy, can haul some of my crap around and runs like a champ and looks pretty sharp too. I wouldn't mind having an XB9 for a play bike........maybe next year.
I suspect its got something to do with pushrods....
Everytime I see a article about Harley V-Rods and the NHRA I think about that show Pinks on Speed Channel. Where a V-Rod was smoked by an old UJM Suzuki....
I've never actually driven a tractor, but with their huge rear tires, slow-revving motors and lack of speed I thought I saw some parallels between John Deere and "The Motor Company."

On the other hand, I do know a good farm joke:

A farmer was arrested and jailed after being observed having sex with one of his sheep. He asked a friend to hire a lawyer, but he didn't have much money; his friend said he knew of someone who wasn't the greatest litigator, but he was cheap and had a reputation for being great at jury selection. During the trial, the prosecutor said to the defendant "And isn't it true, farmer Brown, that after being forced to have sex with you, your sheep was observed to turn around and lick your ***** and ****s off?" Whereupon one juror commented to another "You know, a good sheep'll do that!"
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