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Good, some one slammed Harleys as being rolling POSes. I've said it before and will again. If they are so inferior, how come mine is still running like a top with 174,000 miles on it! The last 40K hauling a really big Watsonian sidecar, at 80MPH a lot of the time! Like it so much that after 7 BMW motorcycles (none of which have even made it to 100K before I felt they had to go, the K12LT might do it if I keep it) to that one Harley over the past 15 years, the next new one will be a Harley (E-Glide Classic, Gunmetal Pearl to be precise, should be here around Christmas, my timing not theirs!). No it won't do 140, but I wouldn't anyway, want to live a while longer and actually like riding motorcycles so much that I don't see why one would want shorten the time on one by going to d*** (don't want to get censored again) fast. Plus that last 89 in a 55 cost $250 can't imagine what it would have been if I had been going faster...

On trying to force the dealers to actually sell at the MSRP, well, Harley cannot legally do that. You see, they tried that in the 50's and 60's and got slammed by the feds for it. That is why it is a suggested price, manufacturers are legally forbidden in the US from forcing a franchised or independent dealer to sell their products at the MSRP. H-D knows the consequences all too well if they try! Harley would if they could as there is plenty of profit for the dealer at MSRP. Only the buyer can regulate the price, which is what I did. Went shopping, found a dealer that was upfront and said we add 8%, that's it. Noticed that they did not play the freight and set up game after the 8% either! Could have gotten it cheaper, but would have had to go +1000 miles to do it, not worth the effort.

Uh, Harely does make an 11sec 1/4 mile bike, its just a cruiser and the sport bike guys can't stand that! And you know Mr Buell has to have something planned for that motor and the 4 cam motor they build that is getting further and further away from being a Sportster motor! Take a good look, it won't even fit into a Sportster frame anymore. And the rumor mill has it that there just might be a water cooled 4 cam or OHC motor in the future for Buell.

Agree with the comment about other platforms for the Vrod engine, 3 are comming but we have to wait until fall to see them! Don't even think MCN (UK not ours) has pics of those yet!

Whoops, got worked up again, so much for working from home, time to go riding, the Harley, the beemer (which is so much more technologically advanced than a Harley) is in the shop, day 3, for Annual (or is that anal) Maintenance....
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